Sunday, December 03, 2006


Well today is the day. There are record lines out at the polls. Hopefully that is good news. So far all is calm and we do expect it to remain that way until results are posted. Most likely in the middle of the night tonight. We are headed to church. Our church is in a Chavez stronghold. So we will only be attending this morning. Dont want our white gringo faces to start any problems, and certainly not at church. We have had drive by shootings in the past. So pray for us all today. Pray for change. The title is short for Spanish, atrevete! It means DARE to change!!!


Pat said...

You are close in our prayers today..may you feel the presence and protection of our Lord as you worship and as you are in your home .....we will continue!!

Jackie said...

Praying lots today. A3VT!!