Monday, March 19, 2007

Update on Stolen Van

I received this email from my brother in law this morning in regards to the stolen van.

Yesterday was the perfect description of “Good day – Bad day”

The good happened throughout the morning while our church celebrated its 12 anniversary in a public sports facility. The songs, specials, preaching, meal, and games were all wonderful and everyone enjoyed participating. We had 10 visitors and an attendance of 125.

The bad happened while cleaning and loading up afterwards ~ our van was stolen. We thank the Lord that no one was threatened, traumatized or injured. Our van was used as the churches workhorse for all the activities of the church and for our personal needs as well.

I can’t tell you how much this hurts. I realize that it is just a vehicle that was 14 years old, with high mileage and burning a little bit of oil. But with all the difficulties that are occurring here in the country, this incident just amplifies the frustration.

Debbie and I were counting on traveling with the van to Caracas to fly out of the country for a two week speaking visit to the United States. For a while, it did not look as though we would be able to leave, however, we were able to work out the travel details at the last minute. Though the trip is still happening, pray that the children will be fine with my brother and his family during our short visit.

Please pray for the van to be found and returned, and pray for our family.

Ed Vernoy


marallyn ben moshe said...

i know how he feels...i love buying gifts and giving things to people and hate losing stuff or having it stolen...stay safe and shalom from jerusalem...i'll be back and hope to find you writing again really soon

Penless Thoughts said...

I truly believe "What Satan meant for evil God will turn for good" and await your forthcoming good report.

Heather said...

Hi Rita... I saw your comment on Candy and Roses, that you think she's the only Canadian that reads your blog. Well I'm Canadian and have been reading your blog! :o) I've been on but haven't left a comment yet...So hi there in Venezuala!! Looks like you have a busy week ahead of you to put it mildly... I homeschooled my own four and that was busy... couldn't imagine six!! Well have a great week and enjoy all those kids!
(from "the Zoo")

Candy said...

I will pray about this!
Love Candy

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks, to everyone!
And hello to Marallyn in Jerusalem and to Heather in Canada. That is so cool to get comments from so far away!

Jackie said...

have fun this week with all the kids, wish I could join in the fun. I'll be praying about the van and the safety of everyone down there.

Pam said...

I got this email as well. I feel sorry for them, trying to get to Caracas and all.
I'll pray for you this week! hehe

God bless!

Janie said...

Will pray about this!