Monday, April 16, 2007

Enough Already!!!

Virginia Tech Shootings

I am so sad for those killed in this terrible incident! It is such a confirmation of the fact that we have lost our moral compass. We are raising a generation of people who know no limits, they are bound by no morals, absolutes no longer exist,they respect no life! Whether it is politically correct or not, we must speak out!

Although I do not know the age of the shooter, this kind of violence is becoming all too frequent in our society. I look at what we are producing and I fear for our nation. I fear that we will not survive this attack we have brought upon ourselves. We have raised a generation who has grown up accepting abortion of the unborn as a woman's right when in reality it is the most unwomanly act of humanity to kill you own defenseless offspring. Even the animal kingdom knows to care for their young. My poor dog once delivered prematurely. I knew something was wrong by the soulful moans she kept up all night. She, an animal, was sad to have lost her pups! What have we taught our young! God forgive us!

When you lower the value of life for the weakest and most defenseless, you de-humanize yourself. We see people protesting the unfortunate deaths of our soldiers in Iraq, I morn their loss as well! But where is the outrage for the MILLIONS of innocent lives we have taken through the evil selfishness of abortion?

Then we have the effects of the rap music and the violence of Hollywood. I don't mind a little violence when it is justice being served upon evil, but many movies today are only violent for the sake of ..violence. We see movies promoting thievery, rape, child abuse and we call it entertainment. As in I Timothy 4:2 we have become a nation with no conscience.. "having their conscience seared with a hot iron..."

So how do we stop this kind of violence?

We stop it like this!

Guns in the right hands deter violence. This campus was a supposed gun-free campus. The fact of the matter is, EVIL ones don't follow the rules! If guns are illegal, they will still have them but law abiding citizens will not.

I know that the first thing to come out of this will be that someone will call for MORE gun control. I have witnessed the reality that gun availability does not mean more shootings. Let me explain.

In the village of Chajudaña, every indian home kept a rifle leaned up against the wall. This is necessary for protection from snakes and jaguars. Every home was full of children and even toddlers, but in ten years we had no murder nor accidental shootings. We had one suicide, because of alcoholism.

The indian children were taught NOT to touch the rifle, and if thy did, they were punished. They also were shown the effects of the rifle when hunting. This is an uncivilized society.

What are we?


Saur♥Kraut said...

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Shane Vander Hart said...

Thanks for bookmarking my blog. This is an interesting post, and it is very sad. I just wonder why in the world they didn't lock the campus down after the first shooting.

jennifer said...

Well said. In fact I linked to your post on my blog! Thanks for making today's events come into focus.

NspiredByFaith said...

You are absolutely 100% correct on this in my opinion! There were ALWAYS guns around our house and we knew to leave them alone. Then, when we were old enough, we were taught how to use them responsibly. And now I am a registered gun carrier, because if the criminals are going to have guns, then I want one of my own!

Elízabeth said...

I'm speechless about this.

My heart goes to those poor kids massacred today and their families.-- Liz

Pam said...

Great post Rita! I linked over from Pen of Jen's. What an upsetting day!

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah what a beautiful post about such a horror.....sigh..Youre so right about it all Jungle Mom..from your mouth to God's ears hun.!

Dawn said...

It brings back such horrible memories of the day Columbine happened - right down the road from us. What a sad, sad world we live in! Jesus must weep.

Beach Girl said...

My neice was in the building next door to the engineering bldg.; we're grateful she's safe.

It is a sign of the times. We sing a song in church that starts out "Jesus come quickly" and He can't come quick enough for me.


winston said...

there is a saying:

when you outlaw the gun, only outlaws will have it

Linds said...

I live in England, and the gun control laws here are very very strict. I could not agree more about the moral-less society we are raising, and it breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

check this one

Jackie said...

Guns kill people? And I suppose spoons made Rosie O'Donell fat?

Yekwana Man said...

I have heard a lot of questioning of the actions of the University authorities. Why didn't they shut down the campus.
We must realize a couple of things. Who in their right mind would think. "Hey there was just a shooting at the dorm. Two people are dead. We need to stop the murderer before he kills 30 more people on the other side of Campus."
When someone commits a murder, normally, they try to get away. There was no reason to think the killer would go on a rampage. Yes he walked across campus, and no one stopped him. He was not wearing a sign that said I am the murderer and I'm going to kill 30 more people. He was not waving his weapons in air. There was no way the authorities could have known. They did the best they could with the information at hand.
Also, protective agencies all know that if the assassin is willing to die when he kills, only a miracle can stop him.....such as an unknown armed citizen who happens to be in the place the assassin chooses as his killing field. VT authorities and PC gurus outlawed such miracles

AB5SY said...

This is what the PC collages are teaching todays children. They chose to die rather then fight to live. So sad.

Karen said...

WELL said, Rita! And, Clint, I couldn't agree with you more. This morning, the president of the university was being interviewed by the major networks. I prayed for that guy. Everyone is shoving the microphone at him, wanting an expanation and a reason for something that our entire culture is responsible for. I guess it gives people a weird sense of "control" to think someone was at fault, and that's why it happened.

My prayers go out to all of those families. We in Colorado will forever feel the effects of Columbine and it will be no different for VT.

Kate said...

I'm an English woman currently living in America, and I find the gun culture here terrifying. I work next to the Capitol, so there are police everywhere, and I give them a wide berth because I do not want to be anywhere near a gun. I've also lived in other places where guns are much more present (including on a farm where they were necessary for getting rid of snakes, and more people than reptiles ended up dead and with bullets in them), and my perception of the situation is that if you have more people with guns, you end up with many more shootings. I feel much safer in the UK, where the gun laws are so much stricter and hardly anyone has one. I understand the wish to have a gun to protect against criminals with one, but I really believe that to cut gun crime, good people are going to have to give up their guns so that the availability is decreased and those who wish to use them for harm find it harder to get them. Although given the number of guns already in circulation here, I find it hard to see a situation where the country could be purged of these horrible things. In England, I NEVER see guns, and we have hardly any shootings. Here, I see at least ten a day on the belts of police officers, and shootings happen with appalling frequency.

I pray for those touched by the events in Virginia, and I long for a day when every single firearm can be responsibly accounted for.

Pat said...

I agree with the outlawing of guns.....obviously respect must be taught for guns but above all, human lives!! Who gave them the power to say who lives and dies---just because of a relationship????

No conscience.....that is what prevails and evil hearts bent for it their own or destroying others..

God help our nation that has no respect for lives...and that leave other loved ones behind to relive the tragedy!

Jungle Mom said...

Kate; I disagree, but are you aware of the rise of KNIFE violence in the UK? Take away the gun and the killer goes for a knife. Take the
knife, he will use a club or rock!

I have seen this among a violent tribe in Venezuela, the Yanomami. The government attempts to keep guns away from them. So they kill one another with machete or poles.

We have to deal with the moral issue of the lack of respect for life. It is a moral problem not a gun problem.

It saddens me to hear ofaccidental deaths caused by guns, but,
honestly...children of the past knew how to handle themselves around guns. We are raising selfish, stubborn ,rebellious children who do not respect authority!

That is the problem.

Jungle Mom said...

The vagaries of UK knife crime statistics

By John Steele, Crime Correspondent
Last Updated: 2:36am GMT 20/03/2007

Up to 60,000 young people, mostly male, may be stabbed and injured each year, the equivalent of more than 160 victims a day, according to a worst-case estimate for knife violence in England and Wales.

On the other hand, the figure may be around 22,000 each year for victims aged 10 - 25-year-old.

The different between the two estimates - derived from the questioning of around 600 under-25s about whether they had been "knifed or stabbed", and then extrapolated to the wider population, with all the statistical vagaries that entails - reflects the lack of precise information about the scale of knife crime in England and Wales.

Laurel Wreath said...

I came over here from Nspired By Faith, this is a great post. My brother is a police officer and I could not agree with you more.

Julie's Jewels said...

This indeed is a tragedy. I found out today that the gunman was 22 yrs old and a student at the college. He was Korean. They aren't sure of a motive which I'm not sure they ever will. Afterall...the one would could tell us is dead!! This is being posted alot across the blogsphere and everytime I read about it I"m saddened all over again. Many lives were taken and we wonder how God could let it happen. I can only say that God knows why He allowed it and I do too....that He would get the glory. We cannot know the number of souls that will be saved as a result of this trajedy. Sometimes it takes a trajedy for some to trust CHrist. Those that wouldn't trust Him in any other situation. I just know that my God is sovereign and makes NO mistakes!! Love you!!

Kate said...

The shootings in the rural area I mentioned were not accidental, they were very, very deliberate.

Yes, the UK does have a knife problem. And yes, I agree that this is a moral problem, and not a gun problem. But I don't understand how raising people to believe that it's okay to have deadly weapons of their very own is going to help anything. I passionately believe in peace, and part of that belief involves not having weapons of my own. And I have also read too many times that if you carry a weapon, you are more likely to be hurt with it yourself than you are to damage anyone else.

I see that if people really want a weapon that they will find one. I suppose that, for me, it comes down to hoping that I can turn the other cheek, rather than demanding an eye for an eye.

Judith said...

Jungle mom, I think you speak for most of us, I know you do for me.

A big part of the current generation has not been taught self restraint or respect, for one's self, or others. And what about responsibility. All over town it's easy to see examples of this.

When something so terrible happens, we speak of it, as we're doing now. But what about everyday things we should take a stand on, but don't.

The day Columbine happened here in Colorado, when I heard the first report that shots had been fired, I thought it might be one upset school student, but it was a massacre, and our town will never be the same. At a local college, it's easy to pick out a victim of it, getting around in the wheelchair he's bound to now.

The next time there's an election about guns or crime, we need to take them personally, and vote as if we're representing our own family, for we are "family" in this.

So keep up the good work, Jungle Lady. You are our modern day Paul. Somebody has to be brave, and strong enough in the Lord, to stand up for saving lives.

Pam said...

We are a gun toting family so don't dare come around our place causing trouble! My dad owns 5 different guns/rifles, he's a very conservative pastor who loves people. My brother owns a 9mm Glock and knows how and WHEN to use is! He also has one mean machete near where he sleeps! My son keeps a mean knife near where he sleeps. When he lived at home, he was always on the ready to protect us if need be. My husband wants to get a gun for us and train our 9 year old how to use it. Its just the days we live in. We must be prepared to protect our loved ones and ourselves. I'm thankful we live in a free nation and not only those in POWER can own guns. How fair would that be?

ProphetJoe said...

Excellent post, JM. I found you by way of Jarhead John's blog.

My family has been personally touched by this shooting. One of the young ladies killed was a family friend. (If anyone is interested, you can read more at

You are right. Guns are tools. 99% of the (legal) American gun-owners are safe, responsible people. Many, if presented with the situation, would have confronted the young man at VT and saved lives, I'm sure.

Instead, naive, but well-meaning people like Kate believe that guns are evil. You'll note she gives police a wide berth because they have guns too -- that is simply irrational thinking, Kate.

Unfortunately, these well-meaning, but misguided individuals create "gun-free zones" which are, essentially, killing fields for the youngest, most impressionable and least ready-to-defend-themselves segment of society. Then, when the predictable happens, they decry the evils of guns... it is so sad.

Kate said...

I'm bowing out of this argument because I feel like I'm bashing my head against a wall and it's sapping my concentration for work. I do, however, want to add the following:

I avoid people with guns, period. If they're the police, I avoid them. (I've also had a couple of interactions with the police here where they've been amazingly rude to me for no apparent reason, which hasn't helped me to trust them). Plus, I've spent enough time in places where you don't trust the police to just be very cautious generally. I mean no disrespect to the US police force, but I believe that if you arm your police, criminals arm themselves against the police, and you just end up with more guns.

On the knife question, I would say that it is much harder to kill with a knife than a gun: you have to be closer, and killers with guns are typically able to kill a lot more people than those with knives.

I don't believe that guns are evil per se, I believe they are dangerous, and that allowing a lot of dangerous guns into the community is just asking for trouble. I've lived in places where you hit the floor if you hear fireworks because they're probably gun shots, and I promise you, I'm not going back. I'm SO looking forward to getting back to England. I'm not sure I would have come here knowing how many guns there are around.

I won't be coming back here because I'm finding the whole thing is taking up far too much space in my head, but thank you for at least allowing someone with such different opinions to chip in, and for the respect with which people have disagreed with me. I know you'll think I'm a bleeding heart liberal, which is entirely your right. I think you're wrong, and that guns should be banned. Thanks for letting me have my say.


Jungle Mom said...

For Kate: Just in case you do come back. I think you are a fine person. I am sorry you don't understand US, the Americans, but, hey, thats what makes us Americans. I can't imagine how thrilled terrorists would be to come to our capital, Washington, and find an unarmed police force. I am sure they would love it. And we would all be moslem and speaking Arabic by now, which I fear is the future of most of Europe for the reasons you mention. But don't worry! We gun loving Americans will come and save you all...AGAIN!

Jackie said...

My Dad is a retired police officer. We always had at least 4 firearms in the house at all times. Two .38 pistols one hunting rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun. My brother and I were always taught to treat guns with respect. They never jumped out of the closet to try and assasinate us! Because guns are not EVIL! However, there are alot of evil people!

I am really glad that my Dad was able to carry a gun while he was a police officer. I am absolutely certain that I would be an orphan if it were not for his .38! I know this becuase of the stories I heard him tell us.

Gun laws... have you ever noticed the good people who obey the laws are not the ones killing people? The crimals and murderers are the ones that dont obey the laws. Therefore another gun law would just take guns out of the hands of law abiding people. I am pretty sure that the crimanls got the memo on the "its illegal to kill" law that was just passed!

-Jungle Mom's wonderful son-in-law

Jungle Mom said...

BRIAN; Touche!