Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For Glen! See? It is Amazing that Anyone can Survive in NYC!

You Are 8% NYC

At best, you're a tourist. At worst, you're a poseur.

The 8% are because I do know what a bodega is and I do check my wallet if bumped into, but it is because I live in Venezuela that I know those things, nothing to do with NYC at all!


WomanHonorThyself said...

Well I am a New Yawka so do I win the prize Jungle mom?

Elízabeth said...

44% new yorker, well that's just because I live in Caracas.--

Rebecca said...

72% You are probably a real New Yorker, though there's a good chance you really live on Long Island

I live in Germany thank you. However, I did live in NY Metro for 5+ years and my husband is from Brooklyn.

Glenn Bartley said...


Egads, I am 92% New Yorker, and I don't even live in the city anymore, although I work there daily. That was amusing. Thanks

All the best,
Glenn B

Michael said...

It said I was 28% NYC, had probably been there before, but probably actually live in Connecticut.

I've never been to Connecticut, although I have been to NYC.

I check my wallet if I'm bumped ('cuz I'm from Detroit),
I can communicate with one finger (also required in Detroit),
I know there's no reason to go to Staten Island ('cuz I drove through it once)
and I know there's no eggs in an egg cream (they're still nasty).

Now I live in a podunk town in the Galil.
Fun little quiz, Jungle Mom. And Angel, you'd a win a prize no matter what...

Jungle Mom said...

I guess the "prize" goes to Angel and Glenn! With honorable mention to Liz who lives in Caracas, a place I avoid at all costs whenever possible. Any town over 25,000 is a metropolis to me.

Elízabeth said...

Gosh! thanks Rita!

Born and raised in Caracas, yes!

I lived for almost 3 years in a small town up-state New York. 80 thousand souls only. We used to joke about the people going out only at night, cuz we didn't see anybody during the day!


Happymama said...

Same as you. LOL