Sunday, April 29, 2007

Freedom of the Press...No More!


Pam said...

I read the article on the link you gave. What do you think will be next?

Michael said...

"Coup mongering?"

You know, every time I hear people start complaing that Israel is not a free country (see some of my recent posts), I want to refer them to items like this.

I live in a country where someone leaked to the press a document that blasts the gov't as a bunch of dithering incompetents, all the papers picked it up, and most are openly calling for the PM to resign.

Now that's "coup mongering," but no one is saying these TV channels and newspapers should be shut down.

Ain't a free press a nice thing to have?

Elízabeth said...

JM, finally yesterday I understood why he wants to do this. To get out of the OAS, like his pal castro.


groovyoldlady said...

I couldn't get the link to load.

Why do I keep feeling like Venezuela is another, more aggressive North Korea?

Jungle Mom said...

Pam, he will get tougher on enforcing new laws. Things like money changing, the new school curriculum. They did not allow one of the opposition leaders to leave the country last week for a meeting. Denies her exit from Venezuela. This is alarming, but many people rather not face the reality. If they can stop people from leaving even though they have their papers in order...

Jungle Mom said...

Liz, I thought they same thing when I heard him rant about that. he likes to be "forced" to leave and try to look like the victim, no?

Farmer John said...

Back in my day there was only one station in Caracas. Venevision. It used to hit the airways around noon and go back off about midnight. B&W was the only game in town.

I take it the "Leones" of Caracas are still the "hot" Baseball team. Used to watch them play the Tiburones of La Guiara... when all the US players came down for the off-season.

Jungle Mom said...

Yes, they are. I dont like the Leones! We are Cardenales de lara fans as my husband is their chaplain!
But the truth is... the Leones win more often than nought!

Elízabeth said...

for farmer John:

I think you had a terrible TV set or your antenna wasn't working!
RCTV is the oldest TV station in Venezuela!

Maybe you were a little boy and liked more Venevision,s programs.