Friday, April 06, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award!

I was very surprised to be informed by Susan that she had tagged me for The Thinking Blogger Award only two days after being tagged by The Preacher's Wife! I am quite happy about it because it will allow me to tag five more bloggers!

I must admit, I do love blogging. I started out just keeping a daily journal and keeping in touch with family. I have family spread over several continents, so blogging gives us a "window" into each others lives.

Then my blog readers became my test audience for the book we hope to write about our mission in the jungle. The next thing I know, the blog took on its own identity and took control of itself! I am often at the mercy of my blog. I find myself saying, "I need to blog about that!" or grabbing a camera to snap a shot of something to post. Sometimes, if someone has not posted for awhile, I start to worry about them! Is something wrong? Could they be ill?

You could say my mind is a kind of battlefield of thoughts and opinions. This blog allows me an arena to put forth my position and share my life principles with others. I do hope that I may cause someone to stop and THINK occasionally.

To me the most important thing I can share is my Faith in God. My faith defines me and my life completely. It is a part of my very soul and therefor a part of all I do. I hope this is reflected in my blog. It would sadden me if I fail to express to the reader the importance of God in my daily life.

And now, I have chosen five new bloggers to share this with. I may not agree with everything they say , but they make me THINK! Which is the purpose of this award is it not?

I have been reading Julia's blog for a few weeks. She provides an insight into the life of a young Venezuelan who is trying to understand and cope with the changes happening in this country. Her English is not perfect but is easy to read non the less. She is very passionate at times. The name of her blog says it all! The end of Venezuela as I knew it.

I want to share this with Yekwanaman. He does not post very often, but I know that when he does it is coming from his heart. ( And maybe this way he will agree to getting me my own computer!)

I enjoy reading Michaels blog. He lives in Israel and always has interesting news tidbits about the middle east and shares loving thoughts about his family as well. Because of him, I now have to add the Jerusalem Post to my morning reads!!!

Midnight Musings is my sisters blog. What I admire most about her blog is the love for her family members that she expresses so well. I also appreciate the articles on homeschooling that she often shares. It is nice to have a family member who you can agree with on most everything!

Another blog that I find very interesting to read is pen of jen. I find her writing style to be easy to read and ...she writes the way that I wish I were capable of writing!

I hope you all enjoy these blogs as much as I have!


Pam said...

Uh well, I guess I should say "thank you" but I don't feel like I really fall into this category at all! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT ONE OF THESE! LOL now the pressure is on! I have to act smart! Oh and choose 5 others, that part will be fun.
Thanks sis. I am really honored.

Baptist Girl said...

Great blog choices Junglemom! and you were a great choice. I always enjoy reading about your adventures in the the jungle as you get the gospel out. May the Lord continuelly bless you and your dear family!


Julia_1984 said...

Gracias, es un gran honor haber sido incluida en tu lista y me animas a seguir escribiendo, especialmente después de haber recibido comentarios que no fueron tan agradables. En todo caso, muchísimas gracias.

Michael said...

Hey, thanks for the nod, Jungle-Mom. Sorry I haven't been around to comment lately; 'tis been a little crazy with the holiday this week.

jennifer said...

Thank you for tagging me, I feel the same about you.

Mishel said...

Congrats to you!! I know you sure have me stetching my brain a lot more!! : ) You are a blessing Rita--and I am thankful for your blog.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Congrads Jungle Mom..well deserved my dear! :)