Saturday, April 28, 2007

Look Who's in Town!

Two blocks from my house is a meeting of ALBA which is the Venezuelan alternative to ALCA. We are surrounded by the military as the speeches in the stadium here are being given by three South American leftist leaders who remind me of the photo above!

Evo Morales of Bolivia, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, and of course, His Highness Hugo. The only good thing out of all this is that our street was swept and all the curbs painted! However, once the buses leave, there will be trash and liquor bottles left behind by the Red Brigade!

Lots of people were bused in and we saw them being handed flags of different countries as well as putting on T-shirts with logos and emblems as if they were from other countries.

From El Universal

Wednesday 25th

RCTV is certain that IACHR sued the Venezuelan state
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), Organization of American States (OAS), filed a complaint against the Venezuelan state for violation of human rights of the staff at TV channel RCTV.

The case will be heard by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, said RCTV Deputy Legal Counsel Oswaldo Quintana.

The lawyer explained that they received a letter from IACHR informing on their decision "because they proved that the human rights of RCTV workers and journalists were violated."

Friday 27th

Chávez raids on IACHR for legal action against Venezuela
President Hugo Chávez Friday rejected the decision of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to file a legal suit with the Inter-American Court on Human Rights against the Venezuelan State for "violations of freedom of expression, personal integrity, judicial guarantees and judicial protection of workers and reporters with (private television station RCTV)."

"The Inter-American Commission (on Human Rights) is accusing the Venezuelan State of violating freedom of expression and, even worse, this is the same Inter-American Commission that endorsed a coup d'etat against Venezuela in 2002," the Venezuelan ruler declared.

"The least I can tell this Commission is "go to hell". They cannot claim the moral high ground, and I do not mean all of its members, but some. I mean the members that belong to the powerful class that wants to destabilize the country."


Sire said...

Were you able to take any pictures?

Jungle Mom said...

I wanted to, but my husband would not allow it as we were already getting plenty of stares!

Sire said...

Never mind; I was just curious how militarised the whole zone would be..

Glenn Bartley said...

Before I say what I am about to say, let me first say I am guilty of it myself.

What a twist that we so often use three of the funniest men ever (actually I think there were 6 of them over the years)as a representation of the political stooges of our day. It could sort of be seen as dishonoring the memory of one of the funniest comedy teams ever; yet the point you are making is very well taken, and I am sure the stooges themselves would see both the truth and the political satire in the comparisson to those characters.

All the best, and stay safe,
Glenn B

Jungle Mom said...

Glenn, So True! The Stooges, all 6, I am sure were better men than the three we have here right now!
BTW, I love to watch the 3 stooges! they drive my husband crazy, but I think they are hilarious!