Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where was Michael Moore????

( Jungle Mom looks a little nervous!)

I had 4 skin lesions removed. I ended up going to the Hospital not a private clinic...long story! The doctor is a long time personal friend and could only see me there. You should have seen the looks on the peoples faces!! LOL!!! Our health department clinics in the US look better then this hospital did! In walks a gringa and her husband, walking through the maze of halls... People were staring like we were from Mars, or maybe the first wave of the Imperial Invasion!! It made me giggle!!! I wanted to sing The Star Spangled Banner!! And, where were Michael Moore's cameras????

In the states it would have been a minor outpatient surgery. Here I was treated in the ER in a cubicle with three examination beds. We were head to foot , head to foot, head to foot!!! If you notice, I am the only one with a sheet (paper) on my bed. Made some friends during the 2 hour process. My husband became the surgeon's assistant and even regulated the other ladies IV flow since no one else came to do it. At one point, my husband nor the doctor could find the betadine, one of the other patient sat up and pointed, saying, "It's right there in that old dish detergent bottle!" And so it was!

( Still waiting to find all the supplies)

We actually kept our small dispensary in the jungle better stocked with first aid supplies then the ER examination rooms here in the main hospital of the city . We did make sure the doctor used NEW gloves and needles. They did not have the appropriate size scalpel, or sutures. A long scavenger hunt evolved until we found something suitable. As for bio hazardous material...into an old paint bucket!!

( And the surgical procedure begins!)

It is important to realize that this is not the fault of the medical staff, it is a result of corruption and socialization of the medical system. I have great respect for most Venezuelan doctors. They often perform medical miracles with nothing much to work with. Trabajan con las uñas.Even in the states I try to get a Latin doctor as I find them to be more personable and less rushed with their patients. We jokingly say we prefer to use doctors whose names have a "Z" in them.. Like:

Gotta luv Socialism!!!


Jackie said...

LOL!! In a dish detergent bottle! Hilarious!! Good ol' Guaran! Didn't realize I missed him. Glad you survived the experience. :-)

Elízabeth said...

Uy Rita!
Glad you're OK..
Here you got me thinking, I don't have a single "Z" in my last names. Even counting 4 generations behind me! All of them in spanish, I'm not taking into account the italian, the polish/jewish ones.

You are a riot! even in the ER!


jennifer said...

I am glad that you are ok...I must say that I am so glad to be in the US, and I realize that we take our country for granted. Thank you for sharing with us.

Abouna said...

My goodness, you look like you are about to undergo the ordeal of a life-time. Hope it all went well.

You have been Tagged by me.

Jungle Mom said...

Abouna, I will have to have a few days as I will be without a computer for awhile. In transit.

Bar Kochba said...

I wish you a complete recovery after your surgery. The conditions...

AB5SY said...

I know you love the many friends you've worked with and made while there but run.....don't walk to the nearest airfield and leve that Country behind.

serendip said...

Thank goodness you're coming back to the U.S. You're so funny even when you're in pain.

luvvom said...

That is scary! I work at a hospital as a RN the Hernandez I work with isn't pleasant :o( but I'm sure he is an oddity because Dr. Perez is GREAT! Just the other day I was thinking about how competitive my hospital is over other hospitals. We are always working so hard to get all the awards we can. I thought, "One of these days we are not going to have all the money we have and it's going to be a free for all on who can even get clean health care!" Your story reminds me of exactly these thoughts I had. One day we are going to be worried about just getting good health one is going to be worried about patient satisfaction!

Brooke said...

Where was Michael Moore! LOL!

Joe Gringo said...

gotta love having a camera while undergoing a medical procedure!

Here's to a complete and safe recovery!

Pam said...

Oh My! I'm so glad Clint took photos! I wish you could get on Bill O'Reilly's show and display these photos. Or better yet, Good Morning America or CNN (Communist News Network)! Americans better wake up and fight for all we enjoy!

redneck preacher said...

Your blog should be required for public school kids in California.
I'm glad Sarah Joy has you as a friend.

see you and your husband
HTOITA (Here There Or In The Air)

Michael said...

Jungle Mom, I will never complain about the Kupot Cholim again!

Michael said...

And my Windows went wacky, and submitted the comment before I could say, I hope you have a quick and easy recovery.