Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have I Been Cloned?

Then come back and tell me if I am seeing double!!
Great minds think alike and all that!


Penless Thoughts said...

The more that get the word out the better.

ElĂ­zabeth said...

sometimes when I'm not in my computer, I just google jungle mom to find your blog... do it! you'll be surprised!


Michael said...

I don't know if it's a clone, but there was a great Hillary joke there...

Pat said...

Your legacy lives on via the voices for freedom!!

You have impascted anyone in blogworld!! Readers and posters alike have been enlightened to the plicht of HHH and the future of Venezuela!!

Love and hugs!!

Slave Revolt said...

Why should Venezuela allow foriegners that would support an eventual invasion of Venezuela to enter the country and defame, lie, and distort the reality there?

Wow, your imperial thinking is coming to the forefront.

You don't have any concept of respect. Like children that run wild in a nieghbor's home, breaking things, stealing, etc.

Typical behaivor on the part of empires and imperialists--but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be kicked out.

If I were running Venezuela I would paddle these incorrigible children of empire for good measure--before I put them on a raft pointed toward Sammie-land LOL.

Yes, you are living in the times of slave revolt. The punishment of Jesus will be far more harsh. Fear the Lord.

Jungle Mom said...
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Jungle Mom said...

Slave revolt, You may continue to comment here, but I will only post your comments if they are free of profanity, so I do not expect to be able to post many of them.Profanity
is the attempt of a feeble mind to
communicate something of worth.

I really enjoy your version of respect after the things you called me and you KNOW the truth.

Talk about being paid by Chavez...

I do hope you will reflect upon your fear of the Lord.That is what really matters in the end. Chavez and Bush will both be gone, you and I will die, but then we face eternity. I have no fear of that, do you?


you have made a great impact on the world in which you live. I have to say like Martha Stewart,
"Thats a Good Thing." connie from Texas

groovyoldlady said...

Nah. You are much more real and appraochable and funny (I'm a writer and as such I only use the bestest and most specificast of adjectives.)

Pam said...

By George, I think you have been cloned! Or at least have a twin!

Pam said...

Slave Revolt - You spoke of Jungle Mom not having any concept of respect! Have you totally turned a deaf ear to Chavez and his foolish talks?? He certainly didn't show respect for our President when he stood and made a fool out of himself in New York at the United Nations, or many other times he has opened his mouth! He certainly doesn't show respect to his own coutryman, ruining their country the way he is.

Now to Groovy, I LOVE your vocabulary!!

Slave Revolt said...

Really, the record of the US government in perpetrating and supporting genocide, promulgating lies, opposing authentic democracy, resistence to US client regiems, using atomic weapons on innocent civilians, etc. All this is well documented to the extent that it is beyond debate.

Like so many alienated and manipulated US citizens, you believe the lies of the powerful--you follow the pharasiees and the empire.

Yes, you should fear judgement day because you live as a hypocrite, a war-monger, an accomplice to the murder to innocents, an enemy of human freedom.

Everyday your empire continues to fail--and you support the thug violence but are too hypocritical to put your life on the line for the corporate media lies.

The historical record illustrate the myriad crimes quite well.

No, you are working for the anti-Christ--and you will be joined with him when you die.

Jungle Mom said...

slave revolt, are you having fun? Why don"t you leave the terrible USA and go live in Venezuela! Since its so great and all.
All I hear form you is
bla ,bla, bla!!! Nothing new, nothing creative.
BTW, I know who you are and just wish you would go to Venezuela and help someone less fortunate instead of spewing all this garbage. OH! I get paid to do that so you Which only helps you and not the poor in Venezuela! in the least are a capitalist!

FeathersMcGraw said...

OMG! Your alter ego!! It's a great site, just like yours. I will put a link on my site, :)

Oh NOOO comments by Slave Revolt!

I really think Slave should move to a barrio in Venezuela, and live by example. The empire is evel Slave, they eat babies for breakfast... what are you doing living there then?

The nerve!

Slave Revolt said...

Well, i still think that you are being manipulated by Satan. The history and nature of US imperialism is quite clear.

True Christians would not support US state terrorism--no way!

I continue to live in the US because this is my country. I am brave enough to resist the insanity and work for peace and health in the US.

No, not being paid by the Venezuelan government--but I am being paid by Jesus, my leader.

Given your family's support for US state terrorism--why would Venezuela want in in the jungle polluting the minds of the indigenous people?

Just like I don't want Al Queda and Ossama living in the US and mingling with groups that have very legitimate critiisms with the US state--like the indigenous people whose lands were stolen by the so-called 'Christians' (also manipulated servants of the evil one, Satan. Thankfully they are burning in the lake of Fire while the indigenous people that resisted domination are in heavan with Jesus. Bet on it--it's a fact )

JM--I still don't know why your Marine husband isn't over in Iraq, putting his life on the line for the violence that he advocates. Or, for that matter, why aren't you over there fighting.

The reason that the US will lose its occupation of Iraq is because of the empire's record of savagry against the Iraqi people--it started with helping put Saddam in power, and supporting the thug during his worst tyranny.

I love you enough JM to rebuke you for allowing Satan to colonize your soul, to deminish your heart, and your capacity to understand justice through Jesus. May God help you and may Jesus forgive you for your evility.