Monday, July 16, 2007

The Blogger Reflection Award

Last week I was recognized by fellow blogger, Barbara, at Stray Thoughts for the The Blogger Reflection Award. I am very happy to think I may cause someone to "reflect". This led me to reflect a bit myself.

Why do I blog?

One reason is that as a personal discipline, I try and write something each day. Also, I am trying to collect short stories about our life as missionaries in the hopes of writing a book. I feel that the modern missionary life is just as exciting, just as sacrificial, as missionaries in the past, only...the modern missionary is not writing about it! In the past, an educated person kept a journal and it is through these that we have the great missionary biographies so well known to many of us. While I would not put myself in the same category as these heroes of the past, God is doing the same work now as then. He has not changed. Blogging is a way for me to journal and share these happenings God has allowed in my life with others, as well as get feed back for the future book.

Another subject that is important to me is my family. I hope to share this with my readers. After my Lord, my family is the most important thing in my life. I hope I can share with you all, that a family knitted together in Faith can be an amazing thing! A family with a joint purpose, that uses teamwork to perform a common mission is a wonderful thing to behold. And nearly unstoppable in determination.

I also love the country and people of Venezuela and am alarmed at what I see happening there by the government of Hugo Chavez. I want to share this alarm with all because it effects people very near and dear to me. I have received some comments from people criticizing me for this being that I am not Venezuelan. However, after 20 years there, I do feel that I have the right to share my observations and also being that my children are Venezuelan citizens, the future of Venezuela matters to me.

Of course, I love the good ol' USA as well. I am also very concerned about the future of this country and I want to do my part to return this great land to its judeo - christian roots.

Now, according to the rules, I am to share this with 5 other bloggers. So many of you have already been named!!! But, I will give it a try.

1)Christian Dreams n Visions
Sherry always seems to post something that causes me to think! I am learning more about her on line even though we have never met. My only regret with her blog is that she doesn't post as often as I would like! I have yet to be disappointed in her views.

Baptist Girl is a christian blogger and she never blogs "fluff". I always find her posts to be spiritually uplifting and they make me think. She shares a lot of great christian teachings and often links to other sites that are just as enlightening.

3)Happy Wife
My daughter, Jackie, has taught me so much! She is so much more organized than I ever was at her age. She also has taught me more about pregnancy and childbirth at home than I ever knew.
I am so proud of her.

4) Yekwana Man
Clint's Blog
Yes, he is my husband. He also is the best preacher I have ever heard. He has a lot of knowledge that he cleverly disguises with his humor. To sit under his preaching is a delight as he is an expository preacher and teaches through the books of the Bible ,verse by verse. He does not get to blog often but I enjoy MOST of his posts. * wink, wink*

5) sarah's journal
Sarah journals some very deep thoughts. She is brutally honest and it is refreshing to read a person who shares their heart so openly with others. I would love to meet Sarah! She has such an interesting back ground I would love to know more about.

The Rules for Participants are:

1. Copy this post.
2. Reflect on five bloggers and write at least a paragraph about each one.
3. Make sure you link to this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment letting them know they’ve been given an award.
5. Put the award icon on your site.

Now, if any one would like to share their favorite blog or blogger with us, just leave the link in your comment!


Barbara H. said...

A hearty Amen to what you said about the need for missionaries in this day and time to write books about what the Lord is doing. I love the missionary "classics," but people need to hear about how God is working today in and through His people as well. I'll very much look forward to a book from you and your husband some day!

I also appreciate what you wrote about Venezuela. There is so much going on there that the general public doesn't know.

Penless Thoughts said...

Congratulations Rita. You are certainly Reflective.

luvvom said...

Congratulations, Rita! You are very well liked because you are such a good writer with lots of interesting stories and because you are our wonderful sister in the Lord! Thank you for your kind words toward me!

ElĂ­zabeth said...

:-) Kudos Rita!

As for me, I only have thanks for you. As a venezuelan, that is... keep writing about it, I suspect that the ones that don't like it, are the ones in love with the chavista revolution.


Pam said...

Congrats sis! I need to post my 5 others as well but it seems everyone I read has already been awarded this one!

I agree with your synopsis of each of your 5 bloggers listed. It's true how Clint can get his serious deep point across even though it's ticked into humore! Love Him!

Brooke said...


I dodged that bullet, huh? ;)

Steve Harkonnen said...

I wish I had the time to blog effectively every day. I do the best I can.

Nice work.

Jungle Mom said...

steve, wll, I don't know about my daily blogs being "effective"...

Sherry said...

Thank you for the wonderful words of wisdom. I do need to post more but I also need to spend time with my children as well as spending time with my Lord & Savior. For he is my true inspiration. I will try to do better though.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Rita,
Thank you for thinking of me. i am honored. When I get a chance I will post a few of the bloggers I admire. Thanks again. I always enjoy your blog, it is always so interesting an dGod honoring.