Wednesday, September 10, 2008

REAL Football / Futbol de Verdad!

I see a lot of bloggers discussing NFL, so I thought I would share with you about
Called soccer in the USA.

Last night we were at the Venezuela vs Paraguay World Cup Qualifier Match.

Jewel with her Venezuelan flag (7 estrellas!) The girls wore their Vinotinto shirts. We were very lonely amongst a full stadium of Paraguayans.

Gloria Al Bravo Pueblo!
Hearing the National Hymn made me very emotional.

My son in law was cheering for Albiroja,
my daughter, for Vinotinto!


Chipa, chipa chipa!

Paraguay 2- Venezuela 0!

I have been unable to upload any of my pictures yet due to the SLOOOOOW internet. When I am able, I will post better quality pictures for all my Venezuelan friends!


Betty said...

I love these fotos! Looks like you had lots of fun even though your team lost...... Yeah for Paraguay!:)

Your daughters look like a younger you.... lovely!

Liz said...

Awwwwwwww! our flag!! thanks for posting Rita!

Findalis said...

I love football. The guys are so healthy in those uniforms and they don't get timeouts. It's 2 hours of action.

Charles said...

The Munchkin, my niece Ashley played a match tonight. She's getting good.

I love it

Tori said...

Great photos and the man with the giant spaceship thinggy on his hear, how cool!

Looks like a great time, I'm glad!

Brenda said...

Great pictures! I guess the right team won! Too bad Venezuela didn't get to play much. . . those Paraguayans are just too good ;)

Jungle Mom said...

Hey! Our goalie got to play a LOT!

Pam said...

I'll have to show this to my hubby. He'll be very envious!