Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who Needs Enemies?

Forget about the Terrorist!
Go after the Democrats for aiding and abetting the enemy!

Chavez: "Hunger, misery and violence have taken over the United States"

Lets take a closer look at that!

This is the line in Venezuela to buy 2 kilos of powdered milk.
(Fausta's blog)

And here is the line at Costco
where you are only allowed to buy four ,

20 lb bags of rice, per customer, per visit!

Here is a translation of Chavez' rant, done by Fausta at Fausta's blog
"This [Venezuela's] percentage is one of the highest in the continent for health spending. Do you know where the government spends almost nothing on health? In the United States. It's all pure capitalism, compadre. Nothing on health and nothing on social security.

"See how much poverty and misery have increased in the US in the last few years.

"That's why today the President of the US was saying, when talking about Fidel's decision, or was asking himself what it meant for the Cuban people, that there was hope for the Cuban people to stop suffering!

"What must be said, what must be done about, in my criteria, is to take the President of the US's words and return them to him. Because, if something has increased in these years in the US, it's the suffering of its people. Social crisis, violence breaking out everywhere, hunger, misery, drug trafficking, drug addiction, businesses going broke, thousands and thousands homeless, economic crisis, economic recession, unemployment!

"At least this gentleman will be leaving soon. At least, because that one's really leaving.

"Uh, Ah, Bush si se va, (Bush is leaving).

"Hopefully there will come a government in the US that instead of spending, look, it's millions and millions of dollars on military spending to invade peoples, to build atomic bombs; They are building weapons for a gallactic war, we don't know against whom, against the Martians, maybe, the gallaxy war. Missile shields, and I don't know what many other things, invisible planes.

"But it's that they spend thousands of millions of dollars on military spending, neglecting their own people. Hopefully there will soon come a government in the US that will take care of that people, the one we also love, the one we also respect, because it's a people which deserves respect, they are human beings same as us."
As the Noticias 24 article notes, Chavez forgot to mention his own military spending.

Ending with,
Hopefully there will soon come a government in the US that will take care of that people
Take the revolution to them
leave us alone,
we're unworthy of all this privilege!

And as for the violence, read this from The Real Cuba,

Caracas is more dangerous than Baghdad

April 15 - During the last weekend, a total of 77 persons were murdered in Caracas.

From Friday to Saturday, 26 people were murdered; another 25 from Saturday to Sunday and 26 more from Sunday until Monday morning, which thank God signaled the end of the weekend and also the bloodshed.

This was just an average weekend. Nothing special was going on.

The population of Caracas is 4.7 million, including neighboring cities around the Capital District.

Venezuela is not at war. No one has invaded it. These are Venezuelans gangs and crooks killing innocent Venezuelans.

Baghdad has a population of 7 million, almost twice as many as Caracas. It is a nation at war.

Still, you have a better chance of surviving in Baghdad, than in Hugo Chavez's Caracas.

Why is there so much violence in an oil country when there should be enough money for everyone, now that the barrel of oil is selling for $113?

Because Chavez has not tried to eliminate the rampant poverty in the country; because he keeps spending billions of dollars to "defend" the country from an "imperialist" invasion that will never come, instead of training and arming a professional police force to deal with the violence and because the police is as corrupt as the rest of the government and participate in many of these murders themselves.

Welcome to the Socialism of the XXI Century

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Not Catholic...

Which will be quite obvious after this story!

When I was newly married, my husband and I worked part time as janitors in the evenings, to pay our school bills. One of my first jobs was to clean a Catholic church. Prior to this, I had never stepped inside a Catholic church! The only Catholic I knew was an uncle and we only spoke of that in hushed, pained voices. I come from a long line of Baptists and am the fifth generation of Baptist preacher's kids...we just never met many Catholics.

On my very first day, I was diligently vacuuming the multi purpose room which was where Mass was held and also used for other meetings including Bingo on the weekends. They had a rather ornate communion table with red velvet curtains which fell from the table top to the floor. Striving to do a thorough job, I pushed aside the curtains to vacuum under the table.

The sight I saw under the table turned my blood ice cold! I saw a pair of lifeless, bloody feet! I threw my hands up and screaming, ran off the platform into the arms of my husband! The priest and a nun came running to see what the commotion was all about.

I told them! There was a dead body stashed under the communion table! You should have seen their faces! Apparently, the church had a life size crucifix which they hung on the wall during Mass, but hid under the communion table during Bingo, not deeming it proper for Christ to look down upon such activity.

Oops! My bad. The priest was very kind when he realized my ignorance and he chuckled a bit about it.

A few weeks later, I decided to clean a small basin I had noticed. It was gold plated and a bit scummy to my eyes. I scrubbed and scrubbed and rinsed and rinsed until it shown!

Then I was given a lecture about Holy Water and how it had to be procured and blessed by a Bishop as it was the only water to be used for baptizing. It seems one does not wash it down the drain!

Oops! My bad. The priest was very patient as he explained but he did not find it funny at all.

The final straw happened a few weeks later. The church had a small break room and the priest had told us to help ourselves to any food there. Often we would find donuts or pastries and being poor college students, we did help ourselves! But on this day, there were no snacks out...except for a box of some kind of strange wafers. My husband and I both grabbed handfuls of the crackers to snack on as we worked. They did not have much flavor but did have a curious texture and way of melting on your tongue.

This time the priest was not even polite. I guess one should not snack on the Lord's body! For these curious wafers were the Host. In our defense, they were very different from the unleavened bread used by baptists in our communion services!

Oops! My bad. We never were sent back to clean that church but were reappointed to a bank.

I wonder if that priest remembers me?

Jungle Movie

UPDATE! Order the book,'Growing up Yanomami'

I have reviewed the book written by a friend, Micheal Dawson, entitled '"Growing Up Yanomami" . Mike has emailed me stating that any of my readers interested in purchasing his book will be given a reduced price of $20.00 with no shipping charges. If any are interested, please leave comment as I do not have the mailing address with me but will have it for you by tomorrow.

I had also written about the book entitled "Spirit of the Rain Forest" which is the biography of a Yanomami shaman ( witch doctor) who I know personally. You may be interested to know that his life story is being made into a movie! He is from the village where Mike writes about his growing up experiences. Check out the website for more details of the upcoming movie, entitled "The Enemy God".

The Story Shake is a powerful shaman of the Yanomamö people. He wields his power to heal and to protect his people against their enemies in this world and beyond. Tracing his life and the life of his community over 40 years of their history, Shake tells how he and his people grapple with new ideas that come from the outside world and the challenging decisions they make in order to maintain their identity and survive as a people.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Blog

The Birth of a Blog!

Little did I know! Way back on October 28, 2006...this blog was born. It had a very rough beginning and was not planned, or frankly, even wanted! But here it is, with a mind of it's own!

Here is how my very first post read:

Hey, I'm back. I've recreated myself.
After several failed attempts, here I am again.
I guess all those years in the jungle set me back in my computer skills.
This time I have everything written down on paper and hope to maintain this site for at least a week.
This is a test, only a test.

How did it begin??? An accident!

My daughter calls me from Paraguay and tells me to check out her blog.

"Blog?" Says I, "What's a blog?"

"MOTHER! You know, a blog!" says Jackie.

"No, I don't know. What is a blog?" Patiently, saintly, I ask.

" You know, on the Internet!" exasperated!

"Well, yes, dear, I have heard of the Internet, but never had much use for it or computers myself." Still very saintly, I respond.

"Just go to my blog and leave me a comment, you'll figure it out!" She said, very impatiently, I might add!

So I did. I sat down in front of the horrible beast, the computer, and I typed in all those odd random letters and POW!!! there is it was... The very first blog I had ever seen! I read.

I had been told to leave a comment...but how??? Oh, I push this key and that key and all of a sudden... I had a BLOG!!!! No comment for Jackie, but I had this...thing on my screen!

What was I supposed to do with it?

So, I call Paraguay.

"Jackie dear, I love your blog!" Always the saintly mother.
"But, I couldn't leave a comment." says I.

"Why not?" she asks.

"Well, I tried but, I ended up with a blog of my own, somehow..." I mumble.

Laughter heard all the way from Asunción to Barquisimeto!

Jackie asks " Where is it? I want to see it?"

Santa Rita, "It's on the Internet of course!"

Jackie; " But the address, how do I get there?"

Pitiful Santa Rita, " I have no idea!"

I have only seen that poor blog once since then! It makes me feel so guilty! Sitting there, unfed! Uncared for! But I can't access it! The horrors! Poor orphaned blog!

So, with the help of my daughter, I made this blog, mainly to permit me to leave comments on her blog and write things of interest to my many family members stretched across the globe.

I don't know when, or how, anyone ever even found my little blog!!! I never expected to generate this much interest and certainly never dreamed so many would want to read my daily posts. I often post about nothing at all! But still you come! I had been planning to write a book about our life in the jungle so I decided to test the waters a bit by writing a few short jungle stories on THE BLOG!

For by then, I had people reading each and every day. This was ok by me, as I have tried to discipline myself to write something in my journal each and every day, so now I could write most of it on THE BLOG!

And so, here I sit, typing on my very own laptop, in my very own blog, that nearly 200 people a day come to read! I am honored! I have met some wonderful people online, people I would love to meet one day. I have also met some strange know who you are! But I appreciate the encouragement I receive from so many of you, it keeps me motivated to continue to write our story.

So, THE BLOG and I thank you very much!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bringing True Hope and Change

I decided to share a post from my daughter's blog. She is a young missionary wife and mother in Asunción, Paraguay. This account which she recently shared, is a perfect example of what a missionary does. Whether here, or anywhere in the world, for all believers are called to share the gospel, wherever we may be.
Matthew 28: 19 - 20

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

20Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

A New Birth

She came over to my house, a big smile like always. Laughing as she twirls her long dark hair around her fingers. Tall, thin, athletic, rich, famous. Her husband a big football star, her children in the best schools, she drives a Mercedes-Benz, lives in a huge home, wears designer clothes.

She is miserable.

Or should I say...was miserable.

She laughs, she jokes, she tells funny stories, but always with a searching look in her brown eyes.


She admitted to me she needed help. Wanted a different life.
Can I help her with her marriage?
Her kids?
Can I help her have peace in her home?
A light heart?
Can I help her with anything? She wants to know.

I can't.

I'm sorry.

But I know Who can.

She missed my last Bible study, so I tell her we'll study it one-on-one later on in the week. I pray and ask God to work in her heart. Get her heart ready. We're friends now, she trusts me, and I have to speak very plainly with her.

It's time.

I head over to her house and we go over the first lesson. She listens, nods her head, smiles occasionally. Her kids come in and out, distractions galore, she's frustrated, it's getting late.
I ask her if she wants to go over the lesson on marriage I share with the other ladies. Does she have time?
She barks an order and her kids leave the room.
She opens up her heart and tells me about her husband, his (countless) affairs, her anger, her tears, her bitterness.

"It doesn't bother me anymore." she says.

"I don't believe you." I say. (I tend to be a bit direct as you can see.)

Her husband comes home with a friend. The kids come back in the room.
"Can we do this another time?" she asks.
We make a plan to get together the next day, Thursday.

It's 6:00 pm on Thursday and she rushes across the street to my house.
"Is now a good time?"

I step over toys, food on the floor, my two blonde babies playing on a quilt in the middle of the kitchen..."It's always a good time for a visit with you! I'm glad you came."

I give Abbie a chunk of homemade bread to drool over as she cuts her teeth.
Elene drinks milk from her sippie cup and draws in notebook.
I wonder what I'm making for dinner...

We sit down and start our lesson on the importance of respecting your husband.
Brian comes in as we go over our first point in the lesson, he tells me he's taking Elena to his discipleship class tonight. They leave, Elena giddy with excitement that she is with Daddy.
Abbie sits on my lap and plays with my house keys and cel phone.

"I try to do good...but I always do bad." she tells me.
Abbie squeals and drops the keys on the floor.
I take her to Romans 7:18.
I explain to her we do bad because we're sinners. And Romans 3:23 tells us we can't get to Heaven because of it.
"So that's it?? I'm going to hell and that's IT??" She asks with fear in her voice.
"No...there's more. There's a Son. A gift. All you have to do is receive it."
We go to Romans 6:23 and Romans 5:8.
"Oh..." she whisper.
I have her read Romans 10:9-10.

"I pray," she tells me, "I pray that He'll watch over us at night, I thank Him for our health...that's how I pray. I say I'm sorry when I do wrong. But I keep doing it, and I can't stop."

I tell her about the beggar children that come to our doors asking for food, money, or clothes. "We have compassion for them...we want to help them...but there is only so much we can do. We have to take care of our own children. Are you His child? You ask Him for health and safety, but have you asked Him to save your soul?"
"No....not ever. I think I need to do that."

"He'll forgive ALL your sins, if you just ask Him."

Relief washes over her face.

She looks at me, her empty brown eyes now flooding with tears.

"All of them?" she whispers in disbelief.

I grasp her hand and bounce Abbie on my knee.

I smile, and joy bursts out of my heart as I say, "Yes, Leti, ALL of them. Everything."

"I want that!"
"Would you like to ask Him now?"
"You don't mind?"
(Do I mind???)
"No! I've been praying for this for a very long time."
"Every. Single. Day."
"Okay...but I might cry."
"Me too!"

Abbie giggles and tries to pull my hair.

We hold hands, she cries, and asks God to forgive her of everything.

"Please be my Saviour." she asks.

I hold Abbie close and breathe in her baby smell.

I wonder if God is doing the same with his new baby, Leticia.

I picture Him holding her close, breathing in the aroma of a newborn child.

She says Amen.

I hug her.

She wipes her tears away.

Abbie fusses.

It was awesome.

I'm a Nut Case !

You Are a Pistachio

You are funky, freaky, and a total character.

You're very different than anyone you know.

There's no way you're changing the way you are...

Which is good, because no one wants you to change.

Friday, April 25, 2008

And the Winners are ...

Yekwanaman with 'Bilbo' the Sanema . ( My kids called him a hobbit.)
Yekwanaman is 5'7" tall.




And your prize is ...

a plate full of Amazonian Earth Worms! Enjoy!

Read all about them Here!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Perspective ...

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!








( Yekwanaman with Sanema friend)

How tall do you think my husband, Yekwanaman, is?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I must warn you that the following video is...gross! My son found it at You tube and we were all so excited to see someone else who had experienced the famous "NIGUA" ! I must say, I never thought to video the extraction of one.

I posted about all the critters one finds in the jungle
and mentioned how that I once had several of these egg sacks embedded under my toe nail which resulted in having to remove the toenail, cut out the eggs and required stitches to close the wound.

Here is what I wrote about niguas:
Another most annoying bug is the nigua. The nigua is everywhere. Due to the dirt floors and the constant contact one has with the dirt and with others who also happen to have niguas, you can never truly avoid this bug. Some refer to it as a burrowing tic, but it is rightly, a sand flea. It is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but it makes itself known!!!

The nigua will burrow into any exposed skin, most commonly the toes, but also the hands and in small children who play on the floor, I have seen them on the babies bottoms. They must be removed. This is best done with a small thorn from a bush the indians use for this very purpose. I used a needle so that it could be disinfected. Another way to prevent them, is to step in kerosene daily. During dry season, I would keep a shallow pan near the door for this purpose. We also would wash our chancletas (flip flops) in kerosene. Kerosene has no lead so was safe to use in this way.

An indian boy was brought to us once who had both feet so infected by niguas, he could not walk. We had to clean and remove infectious tissue for several days. The Sanema of a certain village were so inundated with niguas, that every member of the village could show you scarred and missing digits from their feet, caused by niguas.

I would love to know how many of you actually watch the entire video!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Rant!

I don't always post every comment that comes here. I regularly receive comments that call me a genocidal missionary that destroys indian culture. I have been accused of being a " religious pollutant " , an instigator of spiritual destruction, and hate monger, also, other names I will not repeat here.

But it does make me ponder...

Yes, I happen to believe in the Bible. I believe Jesus is the Son of God and I believe the Bible does call me personally to go forth and preach, teach and disciple those who have not heard. I believe that by sharing Christ, a culture will only change for the better. I feel that the hard work of the linguistic missionaries that break down a language and develop the alphabet in order to translate the Bible into these tongues are the ones who actually preserve the language and, thus, the culture. I believe education will only make any culture stronger!

I do not believe the Bible ever teaches us to forcibly 'convert' anyone to Christianity and that a person under such a 'conversion' would not even be a true Christian. I would be wasting my time.

Yes, I am guilty of believing Christ saves souls and changes lives! And even, worse, I believe tribal people should be educated, taught to read and allowed to be exposed to history, science, and the Bible. I believe that they are totally capable of making a knowledgeable decision on their own as to what they choose to believe. For I believe all men are created in the likeness of God, equally.

Every people group in this world is equal in intelligence and ability to progress. I think anyone who denies an entire people group this opportunity of progress is extremely arrogant and even a hypocrite! For these people treat tribal people groups as if they are our 'children' or a specimen that we can study. They seem to feel that they are animals that belongs in a zoo so that we, the 'civilized', might learn from them of our own 'primitive' past. There is no justification for this type of arrogance!

These same ones who say I destroy cultures would have us leave the tribes to die of preventable diseases such as malaria, or to perhaps continue practicing destructive habits out of ignorance. It seems to me that the real genocidal agents are these 'elitists' who happily condemn people to a life of misery and an early death !

Most of these types are admittedly atheists and Darwinists. Isn't it hypocritical to believe in evolution and Survival of the Fittest and yet, want to isolate primitive tribes and not allow them to ' evolve' ( I would use the word 'progress') and partake of the fruits of our combined progress and the knowledge that the rest of us enjoy on a daily basis?

Why should these Darwinist feel that I am evil when I seem to be the one promoting progress and thus making the tribes more 'fit' in order that they might 'survive'?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pow Wows are Fun, and a lot of Hard Work!.

For my new friend, The Localmalcontent!

To the tribe, the Pow Wow is the biggest event of the year. Everyone will make some effort to attend although,normally the men and the younger folk are the most likely to travel. This is a chance to visit family and most likely is where a young person will meet their spouse. Each year a different village will play host as the tribe gathers for a time of fun, competition, food, and visiting.

In the Ye'kwana culture each visitor is received by the entire village. As the canoe loads arrive at the port, a call will go forth so that everyone in the host village will line up to receive the new arrivals with a hand shake of greeting.

The host villagers will take responsibility for carrying all the luggage of the visitors to their place of stay, which is what these two guys in the picture below are doing. If you arrive at a village and no one shows up to help with your luggage, you should probably continue on your way and not stop at that village!

It is a lot of work to host the tribe for a pow wow in the jungle, no hotels, no stores, no restaurants. All the food and housing must be provided by the host village and it takes months to prepare and lay aside all that is needed. Extra housing must be built as well. As the following picture reveals, it gets tight!

The most common aspect of the gathering among the Ye'kwana is the competition. Soccer has become the way of promoting your village athletic prowess. Soccer was easily adopted by most South American tribes since their ancestors all took part in ball games such as the Aztec, Mayan and Incas played. Each village also sends a "queen" to represent the tribe. Some wear traditional clothing and others prefer western wear. The choice is up to the village. The Queen below happens to be Pastor Victor's daughter.

Recently, volleyball has also been added to the tournament which allows even the girls to participate. These teams are coached and practiced for months in advance. Sometimes they are even housed separately and fed apart, so as to totally concentrate on being prepared to win.

In the evenings, the tribe will gather after the evening meal and play traditional games.

Everyone is included, even the children. ( You can see my WHITE face below my daughter who has perched for a better view.)

Aside from the soccer and volleyball, there are also competitions in foot races, canoing, archery and target shooting with blow guns!

The girls spend a lot of time in painting each other up and wearing their beads to show their beauty and wealth. Above, Jewel gets help from a friend, below, the finished product. Leg paint is also important as it is viewed as a way to ward off the snakes!

The main event of every powwow is the food! In a culture where so much time and effort goes into gardening and hunting, food is always appreciated. Can you imagine the work that goes into preparing meals for 2000 people , 3 times a day!

Cooking over fire.

Just the amount of water that has to be carried up from the river for each meals is amazing!

No one is exempt. Even Yekwanaman and Jungle Mom pitch in with the food preparation.

Different families take turn providing refreshments for all the athletes.

Jewel is serving brownies!

Music is important and their are many traditional 'dances' and marches. Some are merely forms of greeting other villages as shown here.

Each village will bring their own drums and bamboo horns. Our river is named "Bamboo River" and our village, "Chajuraña" translates as "Bambooville" as we have the BEST bamboo horns!!!
Oh Yeah!!! It's important!!!

It is important that one understands the culture and realizes that all indian traditions are not necessarily pagan or evil. Often times, the outsider will not understand this and condemn something that is only cultural. To the outsider, may of our traditions seem just as strange!
When an activity is truly pagan or satanic, the believing Christian indian will know to abstain from the activity. The indian believer is indwelled by the same Holy Spirit as any other Christian. We have seen this over and over. They will come to the understanding of right and wrong in regards to their faith and practice. This will then be a proof of their salvation as it is worked out in their lives that all may see the difference. The proof is in their practical christian living. ( Have you ever wondered what the indian believer would think about Easter eggs, and christmas trees, or placing flowers on graves? Not to mention Halloween!) Judge not lest ye be judged.

The church in our village always took the opportunity to preach and share the gospel with the other villages at the yearly pow wows.

Pow Wow

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ye Shall Be My Witnesses

We are often challenged to be witnesses of God. What does it mean to be a witness?

In a legal procedure, a witness is merely someone who testifies of what they know about a person or incident. As a believer in Christ, we are commanded to bear witness of what we know of the person of Christ and what we know He has done in our lives. This is part of what we refer to as evangelism. Evangelism is much more then bringing people to repentance of sin ,but also involves discipling of the new believers.Teaching all things, so that they grow to be obedient to the will of God in their own lives.

Luke 4:18, 19

18The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

19To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

As followers of Christ, we need to be prepared to share the message of our Deliverer to those still blinded and imprisoned by disbelief. This is a supernatural process and one which we, as believers, can not bring about by our own merit. We can not rescue an unbeliever through our own knowledge or skill. We can not bring anyone to repentance by our ability to explain the gospel. True salvation can only come about by the Work of God in the unbeliever, through the Holy Spirit. We, as believers, are often the instrument God will use to speak to the lost of this world and we must be prepared and knowledgeable to share the truth at all times.

Evangelism is a two part procedure. We must 'show' and 'tell '.

Matthew 5:14 - 16

14Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

15Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

16Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

The words, 'evangelize' and 'witness', cause us to think of verbalization, but we must be prepared to do much more than tell the world of Christ, we must show Him through our lives so that they may see His power and His truth working through us.

We often use the comparison of the steps of farming in describing the process of evangelism. In the parable of Mark 4, Jesus compares people to the soil. To prepare the soil of the heart of the unbeliever, the Christian must first develop a relationship of true love by demonstrating genuine care towards the person. This could require years of relationship.

Then we must plant the seed. The seed is the Word of God. Not our own words, but the living Word of God which will speak to the mind and spirit of the non believer.

This will then bring forth the harvest. The person will respond to the Word with his will. The person will have been, first, attracted to the message, then convinced of his need, and finally, will repent of his sin and turn control of his life to Christ, the Son of God.

Paul shows us his approach to evangelism in 1 Corinthians 2: 4;

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:

God uses three supernatural means to rescue the souls of men, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and the witness of the obedient Christian. We have the authority of Christ, we have the power of the Holy Spirit, we preach the Word of God and thus, we are instruments in His service for the spreading of the gospel.What a joy to be used of God in such a way that brings eternal joy, not just to ourselves, but to those who believe upon His name! There is no higher calling!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Old Sneaker!

You Are Sneakers

You are creative, funky, and forward thinking.

You are cool, but you are still approachable.

You are stylish and edgy, but you aren't a slave to fashion.

You tend to put your own spin on trends.

You tend to have a fast paced, busy lifestyle.

Not a lot of people can keep up with you!

You should live: Near nature

You should work: In a job that keeps you on the go

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to announce that... I am very busy! We started a new conference today and with all the upcoming wedding plans... I have no post for you!!!

However, I do have a few links.

My daughter, once again, has shared some funnies on her blog HERE!

My friend in Paraguay shares some funnies, from her son in Lithuania HERE!

And a new friend of mine started blogging HERE!

And then I read this bit of news in El Universal.

Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte warned his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chávez against meddling in the Paraguayan internal affairs, and claimed to have reports about Venezuelans helping opposition candidate Fernando Lugo, Thursday reported the Paraguayan press, as quoted by AFP.

"We handle information about significant groups, very close to President Chávez, cooperating with Bishop Lugo," said Duarte in an interview on Wednesday with multi-state channel Telesur, according to Paraguayan daily La Nación on Thursday.

Duarte warned Chávez against taking part in the Paraguayan election by lobbying for ex Bishop Lugo. Otherwise, Paraguay would revise its diplomatic relations with Venezuela, added the newspaper.

"My cordial regards to Venezuela's children that are listening to me. Ask your authorities not to poke their noses in our country," said Duarte.

I agree! Chavez! Don't poke your nose in Paraguay's elections!!! ESO!!!

Anyone care to caption this???

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Auto Biography, By Photo, Jungle Ministry

Part Four: Serving the Tribe

Providing Aviation Support.
Hangar in Ciudad Bolivar.

Transporting indian patients.

Yekwanaman learning the language
and culture from the chief.

Jungle Mom visiting with the ladies
to learn the language.

Entertaining guests in The Jungle Hut.
( The animal is a baby wild pig.)

Teaching the Word.

Yekwanaman and Victor,
Translating the Bible into the Ye'kwana language.

Providing Emergency Medical Care.

Delivering babies and providing vaccinations.

Building Dispensaries.

Fighting malaria through fumigation,
blood testing and medicines.

Jungle Mom teaching hygiene class.

Teaching literacy.
Children learn to read both Ye'kwana and Spanish.

Build schools and train teachers.
Education provides protection from abuse!

Help provide food for hungry children.

Provide and repair Short Wave radios
for communication.

And the church goes forth!

to be continued..