Friday, January 02, 2009

Kill the Innocent

God Of Bacon said...

I vote to award every anti-abortion protestor with a crack baby, preferably one who isn't white.

Jungle Mom says:

So, a drug addict mom gets pregnant, even though there is great availability of birth control these days, and we kill the innocent baby?

Yeah, that sounds like a humane thing to do! Very enlightened ideology there.

I have a better idea! Let's convict the mom
for child abuse, I don't care if she's red, yellow, black, white or purple, place the child in one of the many families waiting for the opportunity to adopt. So many on the list that they are adopting internationally, most are not white babies being adopted by the way.

Also that mom buying the crack? She ought to also be charged with funding terrorism, such as the FARC ,who are funded through drug money. Interestingly enough, the FARC and Narcos are the ones destroying the jungle as they clear land for their 'crop'. And then liberal lefty elitists who preach 'going green' to the masses are the ones buying the stuff and snorting it for 'entertainment'.

Just sayin',


Nina in Portugal said...

God of bacon is a dufus.

Jackie said...

Nina's comment made me laugh out loud. I have nothing more to say. Very eloquent Nina and right on!

Nina in Portugal said...

I've always been accused of speaking before I think. But...I really thought about that one...and it didn't change my opinion one bit!

heidianne jackson said...

what nina said. who is this guy that he thinks he has a valid opinion to offer on the subject.

and by the way, most anti-abortion supporters would gladly take any baby off of anyone's hands in order to ensure the baby is not killed. at least the many that i know would.

The Hermit said...

The God of Bacon sounds a lot like Duckey. But there can't be two people that messed up in the world. Can there?

Tammy said...

Well-said, Rita! And well-said, Nina. If only I were so well-spoken ;o)

Mrs. C said...

D just said that he guesses that just shows that ANYBODY can start a blog...

Gayle said...

Wouldn't it be nice if people would go after the dope addicts as hard as they went after the tobacco industy, Rita? Whatever happened to the "War on Drugs?" Oh yes. I remember. We lost it! :(

I vote to award every pro-abortion person with a brain. They are definitely in need of one.

Pat said...

Once again, I must disagree with God of Bacon. I must assume he is uneducated to abortion statistics. Most are using it as a form of birth control....appearing several times a year for abortion....not just some rape statistic...or whatever he bases his crack baby comment on.

I also know families who have adopted babies of color, some even "crack babies" who have not had ONE SINGLE health issue!! Oh, yes, we can state that because, they were living NOT ABORTED!!!

And, while on the subject....pregnancy occurs in less than one percent of rape victims, so that blows that theory out of the water!!

Also, I know personally in my friend circle three upstanding families that would rear a child in a Godly home with respect for this country and others and make them a contributing member of society with character and conviction that cannot afford the
unbelievable amounts of monies charged to adopt a child ---which includes the birth moms medical fees......some who have done that and then the moher wanted the baby---yes, after the nursery was set up and clothes purchased, etc....

Or better still, let's kill the crack heads, as they are not contributing to society (except the drug trade), old people so they do not exhaust Social Security they paid in (more for us ) and how about kids-we must feed them and pay for schools for them, teachers, etc., and then how about the unemployed, as they are not working, and how about.....

An endless list, but it would all be murder!!!! And in God's eyes, all --EVEN THE UNBORN BABY OF A CRACK ADDICTED MOM deserves to live!!!

(Oh yes, I am guessing God of Bacon's mom did not choose abortion--no matter how stressful or expensive pregnancy was!!! Too bad he deems others unworthy the right to life!!)

Brooke said...

I left Bacon Bits a little something at the original post:

That's because you see human life as disposable. Through no fault of the baby, the mother caused it to be 'defective' and you will therefore kill it.

Here's a suggestion: How about killing the piece of trash mother that addicted her unborn child to crack?

Oh, but you probably would want to try to 'rehabilitate' the mother while throwing the child, quite literally, into the trash.

Oh, btw, you're a racist, too.

ABNPOPPA said...

Why is it in the greatest country on Earth we kill our innocent unborn babies yet take years, if ever, execute murderers? Ladies, why would you waste good key strokes on a moron such as GOB! The true fight is coming with the new administration.


Pam said...

Whoa Brooke! Right on! God help us all. We whine and complain about the faults of our nation - but we fail to turn away from the madness that is leading to the destruction of our great nation. Abortion and is such a black stain on our nation. Hitler had nothing on us!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

J MOM, you said it all. I can add nothing, except perhaps to say; "May the bird of paradise poop on the head of god of bacon."

Findalis said...

This person is an idiot. Why not make him/her adopt such a child? Why do today's women want only "perfect" children?

In Judaism we believe that life begins at birth, but the fetus is the great potential of human life. That potential should not be wasted or destroyed.

This is a lesson that this idiot should learn. Life is too precious to waste, already born or pre-born.

MightyMom said...

I agree with Bacon-head!!

bring them on! I'll take two, one for me one for hubby....maybe we'll take an extra special needs non-white abused before they were born baby for good measure.

where do I sign??

Rebecca said...

Preach it sister!

Charles said...

Bravo... This is one of the reasons I voted for you in the last election

Glenn Bartley said...

I have a solution to the problem of crack babies, it was actually my mom's thought from decades ago about any junky's baby: If a doper has a kid who winds up an addict, the doper mom and dad gets sterilized - no exceptions. I might add that if we could sterilize every crack addicted woman and man ahead of time then there would be virtually no need to ever worry about a crack baby or about aborting a crack addicted fetus/baby -sort of a preemptive strike to snip dad and mom.

As for the crack baby's already in existence, why should someone who is against abortion take care of them. Shouldn't the crack addicted mother have to kick crack and then take care of her own child?

The God of Bacon is just another typical ultra liberal wanting everyone else to be responsible for some low life's problems. Going by GOB's own logic, I wonder how many libs would be willing to wear dead fetuses in jars suspended around their necks as their albatross. I tend to think there would be many more anti-abortion folks lining up to adopt the crack babies.

All the best,

Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

How dumb. You are exactly right. The baby is the only one in the situation that is innocent and deserves and chance and yet it is usually the innocent child that ends up being the only one that suffers for the crimes of the mother. The lady wants to do crack, then she should be punished, not the child.

P.S. I like the idea of sterilizing the parents.

Brenda said...

I agree with Mighty MOm, I will take that crack baby any day, and I know lots of other people who would as well.

Ducky's here said...

I have a better idea! Let's convict the mom for child abuse, I don't care if she's red, yellow, black, white or purple, place the child in one of the many families waiting for the opportunity to adopt.


One of the many families waiting to adopt a black crack baby?

Are you insane?

Jungle Mom said...

My Aunt adopted a black crack baby. She raised him with love in spite of his blindness. Sadly, he was lost to us after only two years.
I raised two children who were not white and had problems of their own. Many of my friends have done so. I don't know about your friends but, thats the kind of people we are.
I have friends who have adopted handicapped children from Eastern Europe and others from China and many from Latin America. Many of these children have handicaps both physical and emotional, but are raised with love.
So, how many black crack babies have you raised?
I am not insane, are you?

Brooke said...

I can tell you that when I worked OB for two years, we saw blessedly, only two crack babies.

In each case, the mother was more worried about her next fix than the child. Often, we would attempt to get her to breast feed to 'wean' the baby and ease it's withdraw (if the mother were free of diseases) and they would not. It was a hassle.

The babies were tragic. Everyone that worked the facility, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, age or sex worked to make those babies as comfortable as possible. There was not one staff member caring for those babies that did not sob at one point or another.

They couldn't eat; their suck reflex was practically nonexistent. They would have NG tubes but would vomit up most formula due to the withdraw, which would also cause them to shake violently.

They would scream almost nonstop for comfort, but if you touch them to hold or coddle them, they scream because their nervous system is on fire and touch is pure pain.

And that's just in the here and now. Brain damage and organ damage is almost assured.

Despite all of that, those babies did not languish long in foster care; there was a Godly soul willing to care for them regardless of their woeful start or of their color, ect.

Elmers Brother said...

We have two white families in our church who have fostered and or adopted black babies that are either crack babies or special needs. One family alone has 8 children they've adopted along with 5 of their own. Their oldest daughter have continued this into adulthood. They foster and adopt.

Elmers Brother said...

do you know anyone duhkkky in your circle of friends who does that?

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