Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Prayer for Venezuela

from a friend in Caracas:

Ahh.. terrible... aunq hay algunos q quieren ser optimistas y dicen que todo está muuuy bien! La tinta para votar al parecer ya no es tan indeleble..las máquinas de votación no están muy buenas y algunas veces no t vale el voto sino q t sale como NULO.. y no puedes volver a votar!! Hay proselitismo político (a favor del gobierno) en frent d los centros d votación (lo cual está legalment prohibido.. pero quién se quiere meter con ese montón de malandros?? Y con el gobierno a su lado, mejor quedarse quietecito...).


AAGH! terrible...even though there are some who choose to be optimistic and say everything is just fine! The ink used to mark the fingers for proof of voting is not indelible..the voting machines are not good and at times does not validate your vote, rather it comes out as NULE.. and you are not allowed to return and vote over! There is politcal proselitism (from those suporting the government) right in front of the voting centers (which is legally prohibited, but who wants to take on all these thugs??And with the government on their side, it is better to keep very quiet.)
For more info of voter intimidation, with video, check out Farmer John's Cadena!

Today, yet again, Venezuelans will head to the polls to vote. The country will vote on a Constitutional Referendum which, if passed, will allow for the indefinite re election of Hugo Chavez.

This was already voted down last December . However, Chavez,not satisfied, is requiring that they pass this referendum. He will not accept the 'NO" vote of last year.

Please pray for the country, pray for the voters, pray for safety and sanity among the people as well as the government officials.


Sarah Joy said...

I will be praying about this, Rita!

Liz said...

Gracias mi querida Gringa de la Selva!!! AMEN!

Pam said...

I have been and will continue. Will you please pray for my country as well - the U.S. of A. We may have similar requests one day in the not so far future!

FJ said...

There are bound to be tons of irregularities in this vote. I don't think Hugo will be happy until he's bussed every slum dweller in the country to a polling station.

Findalis said...

I fear that this time Chavez will get his wish. A bit of stuffing the ballot boxes, losing votes, having the dead vote (aka ACORN) and he will become President for Life (until some enterprising Army officer shoots him).

Z said...

Yes, I will pray,
Then I'll pray that exact prayer for us. Who'd have thought Iraq would have a more honest election than America?

FJ .... Sounds like ACORN's there, huh?

groovyoldlady said...

I'm praying!!!!

Dawn said...

What is so scary is the direction we are heading in the good old USA!

FJ said...

The blatant electioneering and voter intimidation by the Chavistas is sickening to anyone who values democracy.

Humble wife said...

Once again- thanks for keeping us informed.

I commented to gateway pundit about your two top post.
Thanks Rita

Rosie Cochran said...

We continue to pray for the country of Venezuela, a country we still love and miss.