Friday, March 27, 2009

The Five Senses

From Betty!

It's a 5 Senses Tag-
I am to list 4 things I love, and one thing I hate, for each category.
Then tag 5 people; having them do the same.

1. Chocolate!
2. Fresh bread, just baked.
3. My husband's cologne, Polo Sport.
4. Laundry fresh off the line.
5. Hate: the smell of indians making manoco.

1. New born babies!
2. Silk
3. My husband freshly shaven face .
4. Hot coffee mug first thing in the morning.
5. Hate: fresh sheets (Without a dryer they are stiff and scratchy the first night. Much softer the second)

1. My youngest daughter singing
2.My grand daughters giggle
3. My son's voice on the phone
Rain on a palm roof (or even a tin roof)
5. Hate: any repetitive noise!!!!!

1. Creamy cafe con leche
2.Ice cold Coke Zero
4. Arepa with white cheese
5. Hate: Terere, trying to get used to it!

1. A nice crowd for church service
2. The white sands and deep blue waters of a Caribbean beach
3. All my family around the same table
4. Comments on my blog post
Hate: Chavez on TV


~~Deby said...

Love :
bloggers who hint...LOL

Gringo said...

Favorite tastes from Latin America:

Oaxaca moles, varios
Flan with dulce de leche
Tomato salad w olive oil (if safe to eat)
Kak-ik (turkey stew from Guatemala)
Yerba mate ( I know we will agree to disagree!)
Any soup
Homemade thick tortillas. Taste like corn.

Unfavorite: thin limey commercially made tortillas. Tasteless.

Gringo food I missed the most when in Latin America: peanut butter (which goes SO well w chiles.)

Terri said...

I can't believe you don't like the feel of fresh sheets. But ice cold Coke (not Zero), and Chocolate I'm with you!

MightyMom said...

hint? why dear, what are you hinting for???????


Liz said...

You have to explain the hate for fresh sheets :=[

Dawn said...

Good meme. Looks like fun to do. Good answers.

Lady Glamis said...
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Findalis said...

I love the sight of a tree. It is one of the pinacles of G-d's creation.

So I ask all to remember Arbor Day. This year in the US it is on April 24. Plant a tree or 3.

Brenda said...

Here is a comment from someone who loves your blog and loves many of the same things you do, like beaches and creamy cafe con leche.

Betty said...

You still hate Tereré, huh? Oh well, you can always offer coffee, Paraguayans like that too.
Thanks for doing this and linking me. It was fun, right?

Dani Joy said...

cool tag.. I liked mate sort of but Terere was so hard to get use to. I don´t think I drank it much at all! Add sugar or a sugar sub. jeje

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Most interesting post.

Debbie said...

We all love the comments, don't we? And I enjoyed your lists.

Pam said...

I think I knew MOST of this about you!

Hey Gringo, I just found a Mexican store which sells fresh ground and made corn tortillas! I love them too! I'm finally going to try to make my own.

Jungle Mom said...

Gringo, Having lived in Mexico, I too, love mole! Did you live in mx as well?
Flan, yes!
Anticuchos, YES, PLEASE!
Tortillas, yes!
Peanut Butter, yes. But with chiles???

Gringo said...

JM: Except for language school one summer in HS, I have just visited Mexico. In TX, with 5-6 varieties of dried chiles in the markets, I learned to make my own moles. Oaxaca impressed me as a place w a variety of moles, where a $2-$3 loncheria would serve up a meal worthy of a multi-star restaurant.

Peanut butter w chiles: Chinese Szechuan food uses this a lot.I add PB to my moles.

Re TX and chiles/chilis. Once in a Guatemalan cafe I was adding chiles to my beans. "Tenga cuidado," a fellow patron warned me. "No hay problema," I replied. "Usted es de Tejas."