Monday, August 10, 2009

A baby declared dead in the hospital cries in casket at funeral

From the BBC (Click this link to watch the video)

A premature baby declared dead by doctors at a hospital in Paraguay was found to be alive hours later when he was taken home for a funeral wake.

Jose Alvarenga said he had discovered his son was alive after he heard crying from the box in which he was placed.

The baby is now back at the same hospital's intensive care unit and reported to be in a stable condition.

The head of paediatric care at the hospital said a doctor had not properly checked the infant's vital signs.

"This is a very unusual case," Ernesto Weber told the AFP news agency, adding that an investigation into the incident would be carried out.

A doctor who works at the hospital's maternity unit said staff had tried to revive the baby for an hour before declaring him dead.

"His pulse was so low that it was undetectable," Aida Notario said.

According to medical records, the baby weighed only 500g (17.6oz).

The smallest on record was an American baby who weighed just 280g (10oz), born at less than 22 weeks.

This is so terrible and yet it is a reflection of what one can expect from socialized medicine, over worked and under motivated medical staff, over crowded hospitals with a lack of monitoring equipment and personnel. But before we judge these people too harshly, let us look at our own society. Our President and many Americans would have no problem killing this baby, in the womb or out of it, in a much more barbaric manner and merely call it a 'procedure' not a human error. It is done on purpose, a live baby is killed and not even given a funeral.


Melissa Lea said...

You are sooooo right!!

Brenda said...

I have a hunch this is not the first time this has happened, just the first time it was caught. People don't understand how healthy a little competition and free enterprise is, even for health care. I have gotten amazing care and actually paid less (out of pocket) than I would have paid if I had stayed in Paraguay. Our system needs fixing, but I'm not sure they are fixing the right things.

Mrs. C said...

I saw this article and thought of you guys! I hope the baby has a fighting chance to survive now.

Brooke said...

It is a MIRACLE that baby survived!

What a horrible road we are headed down.

Dawn said...

Thank the Lord the baby survived! But you are right on the scary stuff. I read a comment in our paper today about how it took 6 months for O to pick out his puppy, but he wants to rush through this ridiculous proposal without proper time and study.

Joy said...

What an incredible story. Bless it's little heart. God help us all with this obamacare. I'm so proud of people showing up to let their voices be heard at townhall meetings.


Kathy said...

Oh man! Praise the Lord that the father was paying attention! What a world we are in now. I'm glad you are telling it like it is.

Always On Watch said...

This story is surreal!

In this age of modern medicine, such a mistake should be impossible.

Thank goodness the baby wasn't sent to the embalming table!

MightyMom said...

before we jump at the doctor. This could be all true.
the heartbeat could in fact have been slow and thready enough to be undetectable....and then the baby could indeed have revived.

Particularly if there were any PRAYERS involved.

Maybe it's just me....but I tend to read this as a miracle of God...not mishandled healthcare...

and let us not forget this kiddo is EXTREMELY PREMATURE weighing only 1 lb and 1.6 oz. That he could cry at all...particularly loud enough to be heard through the box is enough to make me praise God and give the MD a pass. Most babies that preemie can't breathe without a ventilator..much less cry.

Anonymous said...

Always On Watch: I was told that babies can not be embalmed.. their veins are too tiny.