Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Marital Communication

This is a page from our album. My husband chose the photo of the famous Angel Falls of the jungle in Venezuela for the play on words, "You are my ANGEL and I FALL for you everyday!"

My husband once made a flight out to visit a Pemon Indian village and ended up stranded in a village without any radio to call for a plane. Each day he would walk out to the air srtip and use a hand mirror to try and signal the mining planes that occasionally (once every day.. or two) flew over the village. The Pemons had pity on him and brought him what they referred to as 'a bigger radio'. It was a larger mirror!

But that day a pilot did land and offered to fly him back to Ciudad Bolivar. The pilot was on his way to a mining town but left my husband to wait for him in Canaima, at the base of the very mountain of this beautiful fall, the highest in the world!

This is now a resort tourist area and he wandered around in his jungle missionary attire and actually discovered a satellite phone booth! So he called me.

I was in our small house in town and at that time there was still no land line phone service in that part of the town. We did have an ancient cell phone which my husband had attached a double size battery to. However, the only place to get a signal was by climbing up on a ladder under a palm tree in our back yard. Very interesting in rainy season!

Since I was anxious for my husband's well being, I left the phone up on the ladder to catch any call! It rang and he tells me he is calling from Canaima and Angel Falls.

He is in the middle of the jungle using a high tech satellite phone!

I am in a town, civilization! I am climbing up a ladder, holding a cell phone the size of a brick, which weighed three lbs., perching under an umbrella, wearing a rain coat praying not to get struck by lightning!

The things we do for love!!!!


Anonymous said...

So true...the things we do for love.

Kathy said...

This is so sweet--and a story to tell your grandkids!!!

Betty said...

hahah, I can just imagine you balancing on the ladder trying to speak on the phone.
Very similar to what one Indian tribe does here in the Chaco. They are called Ayoreos, and they LOVE to visit on their cell phones. But because there is not "service" everywhere, they search high and low and when they find a spot with some signal they attach their phone to a post. When a call comes in, they put it on speaker phone and stand around the phone an visit! :)

Tamika: said...

What a beautiful love story. I couldn't have imagined anything more romantic.

Brenda said...

Very romantic. I like Betty's comment too.

The Hermit said...

Necessity is the mother of invention. I like people who can work out solutions to problems.

Sarah Halter said...

I love it! I laughed so hard at the last bit that I had to read it all out loud to my husband!