Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Marine Corps!
  This photos was taken at my very first Marine Corps Birthday Ball.
This year my husband will be escorting Jayde to the Birthday Ball here at the Embassy.

My husband and I at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball of 1983

 What happens when you mix a third generation marine
with a fourth generation baptist preacher's kid?

Why, missionaries in the amazon jungle of course!

And then on to Ciudad del Este!
It has been a wonderful journey!


-FJ said...

Kawanio che Keeteru!

from a fellow "Fish House" punch drinker! ;)

-FJ said...

To Samuel Nicholas, former "fisherman" and founding member of the Gloucester Fox Hunting Club!

It's a shame he never entered the oldest military unit in the USA... ;)

-FJ said...

Would you care to dance?

-FJ said...

...just don't be caught, wearing a Whig! ;)

A curious anecdote connected with the Assemblies held during the winter of 1755, is related in this "extract of a letter from Trent Town, New Jersey," dated April 18th, 1755: "The ancient King of the Mohawks, (the same who was in England in Queen Anne's Time) came down with some of his Warriors this Winter to Philadelphia, and assured them of his friendship, though he owned many of the young Mohawks were gone over to the Enemy; they were entertained at the Stadthouse, and made their Appearance also among the Ladies on the Assembly Night, where they danced the Scalping Dance with all its Horrors, and almost terrified the Company out of their Wits. I must tell you they brought with them a beautiful young Lady, who in public made the Indian Compliment, a Tender of her Person to the Governor; as gallant a Man as he is, he was quite confounded at the Time. I know not if he accepted her".

-FJ said...

cuz you NEVER know how the photo's will turn out. ;)

Pam said...

I just swiped that photo of you and Clint!