Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Embracing Culture.

Missionary kids are often found embracing their host culture in a way that their missionary parents may not be comfortable with. Although, I occasionally wore Ye'kwana paint, I have no photos to prove it! The following photos are of three different missionary kids, spanning a time frame of 40 years, you see that all three were quite comfortable sporting Ye'kwana paint.

This is a photo of 'Gloria' who grew up among the Ye'kwana in the 60's and 70's. Gloria seems to be enjoying her friend, Marta, who I know as an adult Ye'kwana woman, now a grand mother.

My youngest daughter, Jayde, could be found wearing her Ye'kwana paint and beads often.

Here is Jewel wearing the Ye'kwana beads at the ankle and below the knee, in order to form a well shaped calf. The girls start wearing these almost at birth. Jewel also has the typical leg paint worn by Ye'kwana females.

Here are my two youngest daughters, Jewel and Jayde wearing the complete, well dressed Ye'kwana, bead work and paint. Jewel finally allowed me to post this. It is of her in what she calls her 'chubby years'. I have assured her we all have been there, but to appease her, here is a photo of the new, grown up, slimmed down Jewel.

Jewel dresses up quite nicely, but don't let it fool you!
She is still a jungle kid at heart!



Very interesting. She is very pretty. I am sure that her Mom is very proud of her daughters. I know that I would be. They are great. connie from Texas

Charles said...

You are blessed with great, beautiful children. I know they make you proud.

Jackie said...

I have a picture of me wearing beads and paint in my scrapbook. It wasn't during my chubby years, but it was during my "Huge frizzy really bad perm hair" year.

Rebecca said...

Wow! Jewel looks like her mom! Nice!

Pam said...

Rita Junior! LOL

She really has slimmed down and grown up a lot! So pretty! And of course, my Jaydie Lou is as cute as always!

Anonymous said...

Yekwanaman said....
Wow! what pretty girls!!! I would hate to be the father that has to fend off the boys from them. he'll be real busy!!! Wait a minute I am that Father!!!!! Where is my ball bat!!!!

Jungle Mom said...

this is your daughter!!!


love you!


Jungle Mom said...

We are BOTH jungle kids at heart, TYVM!! LOL!!!

Love you Mom!!!

I like using your username. Its fun!