Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sailabration Bible Cruise / Bahamas 2010

A few photos from our cruise.More to come as time allows but I am a little busy with my three grand daughters just now...

Clint and I with Aunt Ella, Aunt Sarah and Sandy.

Jayde and cousin Janelle after their performance in the Variety Show.


Betty said...

I´m so glad you are having fun with the grand kids! Enjoy and cherish the moments.
Thanks for sharing the pics!

Miss Footloose said...

Enjoy your time with your family! And congratulations with the birth of your grandchild!

Gringo said...

A Sea Cruise was a good change of pace.As you said, not many people go to the Caribbean to cool off. You can’t do a sea cruise in the Chaco, though Tristan Jones made an effort at it. Certainly one would not go to the Chaco to cool off.

A Here is some Arepanology for you. Don't know if you have seen it yet or not. From Spain. A comment on a Devil's thread mentioned it. PRESIDENTE HUCHA! NI GOBIERNA NI ESCUCHA. That's a pretty good description of Thugo, is it not?

firepig said...

Thanks for the pics .I can't wait to we hear more about your travels.

I remember when I lived in Venezuela I would take the kids and visit my Mom for the summer 6-7 weeks every year.For some odd reason I would always be afraid to go back to Venezuela even though once I was there I was always so happy.I never did figure out what the fear was really, unless it was the road trip from the airport to Caracas.

Of course when Chavez came into power it was way more dangerous.Remember the bridge that collapsed?

Barbara said...

Cool, We took that Bahama Cruise for our 25 anniversary, best time we have ever had, we love every moment of it. I know you had fun, I need to dig out our photos and share them on my blog too.
Thanks, Barbara