Sunday, October 17, 2010


Especially for my friend Gringo... this is a fair reenactment of Jungle Mom's first taste of tereré, but it grows on you!


Kathy said...

Cute Rita! :) Me too! I haven't had it grow on me yet, but I suppose the time will come! :) (Ramon will like this!)

Speedy G said...


Gringo said...

Good one! You are a good sport for keeping trying it. Though from this and other posts, I get the impression that while you still do not like hot Yerba Mate, that you have acquired a certain taste for cold Tereré, no? In the hot summer, a low calorie cold drink is useful for not piling on the pounds, and Tereré would fill that bill.

I have occasionally bought a cup of Yerba Mate at a local coffee house, which has a teabag immersed in hot water. For the $2.00 cost for the cup of Yerba Mate, I would estimate that the ultimate cost of Yerba Mate to be about 2¢. I can buy a kilo for $4.00 [which lasts me 6 weeks], so the teabag makers and the coffee house are making a pretty good profit on the Yerba Mate.

The coffee house Yerba Mate is also a lot weaker than my daily Yerba Mate, which uses 1/3 cup of leaf.

My niece informed me that she frequented the Mate Factor Café, which was not far from the Cornell campus. Is Yerba Mate the next big thing?