Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Royal Invite!

It's so great to be me! I just received a one of a kind invite to the Royal Wedding! Aren't you all SOOOOOOO jealous?????
Wanna be queenies.. ( aka. Rita, Jackie and Jayde and
lil princesses. ( aka: Abbie and Elena and Lexi )
The Queen is pleased to give you a cordial invitation to her palace for tea on Friday 29th April - at 10:30 am to attend the royal wedding ( ie watching a repeat of 5am wedding on BBC entertainment .. yes we got it live in the house).
You will be served lashings of English tea and lots of cucumber sandwiches and cake and we will follow the procession and service etc.. and comment on the dress and stuff.
The Prince charming will NOT be attending the tea and so it is strictly a gals only kind of deal.
dress code - whatever you want - but lil princesses MUST wear appropiate princessy type dresses
RSVP  (  we understand if you are busy or cant be bothered - just let us know asap)
lots of love and kisses
The Queen
ps.  Get polishing your crowns and MINE ...! 

I know you never knew the Queen of England lived here , but my grand daughters are sure it is so and have given the nick name to a dear British friend. It will be a blast to view the wedding with her and to finally eat cucumber sandwiches! 
What is a 'lashing of tea'???


Betty said...

Oh I want to come too! It will be so much fun! Say hi to the Queen for me. ;)

Z said...

I'm coming! I can't WAIT! Di's dress was such a disappointment to me, I'm hoping Kate's will be BEAUTIFUL!!

The Wallace Family said...

Sounds like fun! My mom is going to record the wedding so that she, my daughter and I can watch it. A first for us! I am kind of excited about it.

:D Holly

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well, Okay then. Tally Ho! I always thought it was a "spot of tea".

Please do have a jolly time.

Miss Footloose said...

Cucumber sandwiches and maybe scones and cream and jam, too!

Just wanted to let you know I put up a link to your wonderful story THE DEATH STONE on my blog post FUN ABROAD: 10 FABULOUS EXPAT BLOGGER STORIES. Here's the link:

Thanks for entertaining me! I'm sure my readers will enjoy it too.