Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My latest 'I Love Lucy ' moment

 I wanted a dresser! We have not had one since we moved to Paraguay over 3 years ago. I was able to save some money in order to have one built to my specifications and desires. Today, the long awaited arrival of the new dresser came to pass.

BUT... there was a problem. After  much huffing and puffing and grunting and growling  by the men trying to maneuver the dresser into my room, it was determined that it would never fit through the low doorways and the hall. We tried  everything, and I mean everything! Doors were removed, the base of the dresser was removed, bathroom cabinets were removed, but it was not going to happen. THE BEAST was huge! 2 meters long, 1/2 a meter wide and made of solid wood. I was beginning  to think it would never be mine.

Finally, my husband determined it would have to come through the bedroom window. In the states this would not be such a big deal, but, we have bars on our windows. The window had to be removed,  the screens, and then the welded metal bars were cut out. Now the beast could be brought in through the window. Did I mention  the window is 2 meters off of the ground? Did I mention it is heavy? But they did it!
 I am now the proud owner of a beautiful piece of furniture! It will never leave this house, I am sure, unless my husband decides to use it as my casket...

My husband is praying for patience with his ditsy wife...

See! It looks like it was made to fit in this spot!
Oh wait, it was! That is the only place I thought to take measurements of.

This is the window the beast came through, minus the window, of course.

These are the Action Packers our clothes have been stored in since we had no dresser.


The color is actually darker than it appears in this photo.
I gave the carpenter a picture I found online and he  used it as a model .
The one online was smaller (DUH!) and cost over twice as much as I paid.


Jamie Jo said...

I love it. It´s perfect. Worth all the agony, don´t you think? Lucy and I are on close terms, too. Way too often.

Jen said...

It's beautiful! So glad you husband was willing to make it work! Enjoy!