Monday, December 19, 2011

Down Town

This is a re-post of one of my first trips down town here in Ciudad del Este. Thankfully, it is beginning to feel more normal for me, and yet, I sort of miss the wonder of it all that one senses on their first steps out into the wild city of the east!

Yesterday I almost tripped over the Arab men smoking their hookah because I was looking at the Chinese lady selling the silk kimonos. But the Portuguese man called out a warning. I then took refuge in the christian Korean store.
This city is culturally ADHD and I may need to start taking some Ritalin!!
Did I mention the man playing the Steinway piano in front of the Sushi bar? He had a CD with a Sinatra song, entitled, "MAY HUEY". (My Way)

I  also found Rolex watches even I can afford! Who knew????  But I best not discuss here what the guy tried to sell us as we crossed the street in front of the protest march before the National Police blocked the road! Speaking of protests, Paraguayan protests are like a Sunday School parade compared to the ones in Venezuela. It was so calm we were already IN it before we realized what it was!

After that we walked back to where we had left our car parked...right in front of the TAXI line '11 de Septiembre'. (September 11).

Then we had lunch at a Brazilian steak house with a room full of  Chinese people.

This city, Ciudad del Este, is like the duckbill platypus of cities! As if God took all the left over fragments of societies and dumped them down here together on the edge of nowhere just to confound the rest of us!

OH WAIT! I fit right in, don't I????

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Dawn said...

I love your descriptions - especially "duckbill platypus of cities!"

Have a blessed week! Hope you find the brass knuckles you seek ;0)!