Monday, April 02, 2012

Have you ever seen a Drunken Chicken?

(A friend requested that  re-post this old story!)

One morning the children and I were starting our home school day, Yekwanaman was starting his language studies, when we heard such a terrible sound! I can not describe it very well. It was weird.

Now, we were accustomed to hearing strange sounds in the village, witch doctors, old Sanema ladies fighting, children running and screaming, but this sound was unique! We all went out to investigate. The sound was coming from our chicken pen.

We tried several times to raise our own poultry. We did. But...between the ocelots and the vampire bats...we were not very successful at it. It seemed we were raising chickens to feed all the wild kingdom of the jungle but ourselves! Still, we tried!

Upon arriving at the chicken pen, we saw our rooster strutting his stuff! He was crowing like it was dawn, only, really off tune!!! And Loud. All the poor hens had their chicks off in a corner under their wings! Daddy Rooster was acting strangely!

We stood and watched for a half hour as this guy, danced around in circles, screaming his head off in what seemed to be a riotous crowing, until... he suddenly jerked himself straight, and toppled over! Stone cold!

We thought he had died of a heart attack! But, no, a few hours later, he was up on his feet, but a bit wobbly. Every time the other chickens clucked, he would bellow in rage! As much as a rooster can bellow!

It seems another missionary working with us at the time had decided to give our chickens a rotten pineapple. Fermented, none the less!

Have you ever seen a drunken roster?

The next day, we heard the rooster once again crowing loudly in the middle of the afternoon. We saw the other missionary walking by the pen with more scraps for the chickens. This time there were no fermented pineapples, but the rooster seemed quite eager to receive one!

After pecking through the scraps, he indignantly, clucked about angrily. I swear I saw him looking out of the corner of his eye with an, "I'll get you!" look at the other missionary!

From that time on, that missionary could not enter the chicken pen without being attacked! Unless he had a pineapple!

I am embarrassed to say that someone in my family would purposely save pineapples and allow them to ferment, just to see the rooster get drunk! Grant it, it was great entertainment for the whole village to watch the drunk rooster! But I always felt a bit sinful, aiding the guy in his binges!!


Speedy G said...

Sounds like some politicians I know...

Glenn B said...

The whole thing with the drunken rooster sounds really funny. Seemingly he suffered a hangover just like one of us might suffer.

I have never seen a drunk chicken but have heard of drunken turkeys. Someone apparently left out a pan of corn for the turkeys but had also spiked it with vodka. They ate it and got drunk and as I understand the person who did it wound up with an easy turkey dinner.

I have seen drunk parrots. They were force fed tequila before being wrapped in newspaper that was then sealed with electrical tape so the birds could be smuggled over the border. I thought a guy had thrown a big bag of drugs over the fence first time I saw it. I grabbed the guy with the package and he swore it had birds in it. I figured he was nuts but sure enough there were about 7 or 8 parrots as best I can recall. That was at least 30 or 31 years ago when I was in the Border Patrol.

All the best,
Glenn B

Rita Loca said...

Hahaha. I have eaten some parrots before, purely from necessity.They are quite tough and chewy but will make a broth in a pinch. Maybe they would ahve tested better 'sauced'?