Thursday, May 29, 2008

Make Your Own Portable Water Filtration System

Jungle Technology

It's Portable, Affordable, and Durable!

Ceramic Water Filter
Pressure tank/sprayer
Make sure and have all proper fittings and connectors before heading out into the wild!

Fill (new!) pressure tank with water.
Attach the pressure tank to the ceramic filter.
Pump up the pressure tank.
Open valve to ceramic water filter.
Waa laa! Purified water streams out into bucket . (About a gallon a minute!)

Take down and move to next camp sight.

NOTE: Can also be used to provide pressure for a shower by removing from the filter and attaching to a shower head!!!!! And can even provide a heated shower to surprise the wife!!!!

Boiling water over a fire, or stove, will mean that you will end up drinking a lot of hot water.

This gravity fed, counter top style can be hand made much cheaper than purchased, BUT...if there are more than two people in the family, plan on spending your day, licking dry parched lips as you wait for each drop to slowly filter through!

I know!


Brenda said...

I will stick to the ones you buy and attach to the faucet. I'm just glad that we can get those here!

Jungle Mom said...

These are for where you have no plumbing!

WomanHonorThyself said...

great idea girl..ty!!

Thursday's Child said...

Maybe I should be careful when complaining about power and water in Lebanon. It could always be worse.

The Hermit said...

That's one thing I don't have, a good portable water filter. I ought to put one on the shelf, just for unforeseen contingencies.

Sarah Halter said...

A gallon a minute!! Wow! When I was in Kenya last, it was just me and I was living with a Kenyan family, so I used my portable backpacking pump filter. The little boys loved to help, but I easily spent 15 minutes to fill my three liter bottles. Some missionary friends had the ceramic filter kind, but I'll have to keep the pressure sprayer in mind! :)

Joe Baker said...

I AM a concerned citizen. I used to blindly support Israel because of the very bible verse you site. I encourage you to research independent sources about Israel and come to your own conclusions.

I object to the US supporting Israel in any way.