Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello fom Reno

I'm in the airport again, this time headed back to Florida. Josh is married, all went well. A few small glitches as expected in any wedding. Mainly, the flowers did not arrive so we raided every flower store in town and my daughters decorated and made bouquets. It turned out just fine.
Thanks for all your best wishes!

I will share photos in a few days, but let me just say that Lake Tahoe was a beautiful place to have a wedding!

Our flight out here last Wednesday was like a never ending day. I awoke at 1:30 A.M. and left for the airport at 3:00 A.M. We flew to Dallas and connected to Reno where we rented a car for the drive to Lake Tahoe.

We had three breakfasts before we arrived, I felt like a Hobbit! After traveling all day Wednesday, we arrived in Tahoe at 12 noon!!! Still Wednesday!!! And then, the sun doesn't set until nearly 10:00P.M. So, Wednesday lasted...a really long time!!!!

Today we do it all in reverse!!!

CU L8R!!


Susan said...

Congrats on the new daughter-in-law!

I hate flying west. I starve to death, and I'm dog tired by the time I get there, and it's still early in the day. Which you already know! ;) Just wanted to commiserate with ya!

FJ said...

Sounds like fun, jm. Glad you're enjoying it all.

The Localmalcontent said...

Remember to wave as you descend into Dallas! SAFE JOURNEYS.

Barbara H. said...

Wow -- what a long day! Love the hobbit reference. :-) I have second breakfast myself some days -- cereal just doesn't last.

Congratulations to Josh!

Mrs. Who said...

Those little glitches add wonderful memories to a wedding day.

Looking forward to the pictures.

Phika said...

yay! can't wait to see the pics

Charles said...

Congrats to Josh.

I agree Tahoe is an amazing location for anything outside. Sounds like your trip went well so far other than the never ending nature.

I can't wait to hear more details.

Safe flights and more importantly safe ride to and from the flights

Z said...

Can't wait to see pictures! So glad you all had a great time and that you enjoyed gorgeous Lake Tahoe...!! sorry about the flowers; your girls did good!

Thursday's Child said...

Yeah! You're back! (Sort of.) I'm glad the wedding went well, glitches and all. I had to think a second about the Hobbit reference (been a few months since I watched the movies) but I know what you mean. I've flown west a few times from over here. It does mess you up worse than flying east.

~K~ said...

I love your perspective on three breakfasts..."I feel like a Hobbit!" :-)