Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BBQ??? Parrilla??? Asado???

Whatever you call it, Paraguay has got it!

Last week end Paraguay earned entrance into the Guinness World Book of Records for consuming the most meat in an open air BBQ.

26,145 kilos of meat was consumed in 6 hours!
This was eaten by 42,000 guests, 6,000 volunteers and 1,800 police!

The newspapers reported that notihng was left, not even a bone for the dogs!

We had our own BBQ here at the house. In Venezuela, we call it a 'parrilla' , here it is an 'asado'.

Either way, the meat is great! We ate ours with yucca, here it is called mandioca. I also prepared Venezuelan guasacaca, no parrilla is complete without it! The Paraguayans do not approve of the guasacaca, something to do with avacado only being eaten as a sweet.

You know what that means, don't you???? MORE for US!

GUASACACA (Venezuelan steak sauce!)
1 Med. Onion chopped
2 green peppers chopped
2 ripe avocados
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 bunch of cilantro
1/2 bunch of parsley
1/3 cup of vinegar
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1. cup of olive oil

* Throw all these ingredients in your blender, EXCEPT the olive oil. Add the olive oil slowly as it is blending. Let the flavors blend for an hour. Serve with steak, sausage, chicken, potatos, yucca..


Betty said...

I posted about the same thing without the cool pic´s. So I linked to your site. I hope that´s ok! Great post!

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm not a big meat eater...those pictures make my stomach feel funny.

Brenda said...

Did you hear the name of the event? Todo Bicho que camina. hahahha

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd been there. I dearly love a good barbecue. Could you have beer there, or do they not have beer at barbecues? When a church has a barbecue up here, the women bring sweet tea but you can't bring beer.

John said...

Ahhhh, the guasacaca recipe! Gracias hermana! They just don't make that stuff here in the states!



Siberia Tom said...

Hey JM. Sambeno, That sounds great. We have to walk a couple miles to get steak here. Diana will appreciate the gusacaca story. BTW could you drop us an email. Eddress is the same. TM

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, yum!

Jungle Mom said...

hermit, I am sure beer was available. And I am sure the church BBQ's would not appreciate beer! But, the sweet tea is pretty good, right???

Jungle Mom said...

Siberia Tom, I gave it a try. I hope it gets to you. If not, leave me a new address and I will not post it here.
Miss you guys!!!!

Starla said...


Jane said...

THANK YOU for posting a recipe for GUASACACA!!! I love the stuff. Hubby is not as fond of it but he is not an avocado eater. I will have to try my hand at making this.

SherryTex said...

As a Texan, I confess, I must admire that degree of commitment to BBQ. As a lover of South American Cusine, I love you forever for posting that recipie. Going to try it out soon! Thanks.

BTW, loved your Scooby Doo entry over at Mighty Mom's

Webutante said...

What an unexpected and interesting post---BBQ feeding the thousands!

Mrs. Miles said...

SO SO SO interesting! You and Betty are a door from our world into yours.

Thank you so much.

The recipe sounds fantastic - may even try this.

My friend Amalia, who is from Argentina, she calls celery "cilantro" - is this the same thing? To me they are different.

My grandmother used to weave baskets of the local needles of the ponderosa pine trees.

Great photos. I've bookmarked you for future visits.

~ Barb

The Localmalcontent said...

Eh, I've done that over a couple afternoons.... LOL~1

WAY to go, Paraguay~! Rock On with Your Hungry Selves.

Pat said...

What a cookout!!

My mouth is watering from the gusacaca recipe!!

Sounds Yummo!!!!

Findalis said...

Good BBQ, soon to be made illegal in the US under the Obama/PETA administration.

grammy said...

Hi, I came over to visit from Weins world. Got stuck here. Meaning I read a lot! My daughter has been a missionary most of her adult life. She is 33. Lived in Kabual for awhile and is in the states for now. My son was in Ecuador for a year as a missionary. So I found your life very interesting, exciting, blessed. I will come back. (O:

Kath said...

Can't wait to try the recipe--thanks! I'm a vegetarian, so will try it with potatoes and yucca.

Kristi said...

Well, I would have been in on that! I'm definitely a carnivore!


MightyMom said...

Hey, I'm always up for some free food!

I may have to try that steak sauce here some time!

what is that they were cooking? pork?

I don't know any more about that soldier than what's written, I don't write the Wed Hero posts just repost them.

Z said...

When we lived in Paris, we participated in the PICNIC TABLE across France...the WHOLE country had picnic table from one end to the other..this type of thing is really fun, isn't it?
JM; This recipe sounds definitely going to try that..thanks!

Tori said...

Hey those are great photos. I tell you what, I prefer to eat mean that doesn't look like an animal, HA!

Rancher said...

"We ate ours with yucca"
I wonder is that the same yucca (49 species and 24 subspecies) we have in New Mexico? What part do you eat? I know our sheep and cattle used to love eating the seed pod but I didn't know any of it was edible for humans.

Jackie said...

I posted on Tuesday by scheduling my post. Do you not know how to do that ??? I'll show you next time I'm over. Oh, and someone left a comment about PETA...did you hear that they want Ben and Jerry's to make their ice cream out of women's breastmilk???? GROSS. Apparently, it's torture to milk cows. They're so crazy.

Jungle Mom said...

Rancher, there are several varieties of yucca. we eat the 'sweet' yucca. A tuber. The leaves are said to be healthy eaten as a green, but I have never done so.

Jungle Mom said...

Mighty Mom
they called the event 'Todo Bicho que camina', which means' Any thing that walks' so...who knows what was really cooked????

Shane Rios said...

I like all of that meat in a row thats my kinda place!