Friday, October 10, 2008

People in Paraguay

We have met the most interesting people since we arrived here! I must admit to having previously assumed that due to it's small population, Paraguay would be very provincial. I suppose outside of AsunciĆ³n's that is the case, but here, we have met some of the most diverse, interesting people! Form everywhere.

For instance, a Canadian chiropractor. She came here 15 years ago, moved in with her boyfriend's sister. He was supposed to join her here 6 months later. He never showed up... she is still here. And part of the Bahia faith which is quite prominent here...who knew?

My Canadian doctor whose family drove all the way from Canada to Paraguay when he was a small child.

My daughter is attending a teen Bible study for English speaking children...most of them are Korean and Taiwanese!

I met an American man who speaks a little English, with an accent. His grand father came here, fell in love and married. This gentleman is in his 60's, is an American citizen and has never been to the USA.

I met the girl friend of the bass player for the very popular Spanish pop group, "Sin Banderas". We gave her a ride home one evening.

Then there is the Peruvian woman who has a ranch in the chaco. The Uruguayan man at church, OH! and the Brazilian couple I met at immigration who are moving here to be able to afford in vitro fertilization! I found that out in the waiting room. Latins are much more open about things like this.

We attended an election debate here in AsunciĆ³n, sponsored by the embassy, and I met these two men;

Raul "Danny" Vargas, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and a prominent businessman from Northern Virginia,

My husband got in the last question in regards to the Democrats responsibility of the financial crisis going back to Clinton and Carter, with the democrats blocking the reforms McCain called for two years ago. Danny Vargas finished with some 'zingers' on that! We did get to meet both men. Moses Mercado was saying that Obama would meet and talk with Chavez. All I wanted to know was, if he would give Obama a message for me, and ask Chavez if I could please go back and get my stuff!

My husband has met the Minister of Religion and Education as well as the commanding General of the Air Force.

Also, he has an interesting relationship with a little old lady who sells fruit at the intersection. He told her he should not buy so much of her fruit as he needed to diet. She proceeded to take his hand through the window and explain exactly what herbs he should add to his terere to help with weight loss. She even told him where he could buy the herbs. Imagine getting a nutritional consult from your fruit vendor on the street corner!

So... you just never know who you may meet in this country!


Pam said...

Are you trying to impress me??!!?? *wink* I know it's fun to meet articulate people who are looking out for the folks!

Love ya!

Tori said...

Wow, you really get around. You have meet more people in your short time there then we have in 9 years in Croatia. I'm impressed! said...

My friends mom is from a remote village in Paraguay and spends many weeks every year there living with her friends and family. A wonderful country full of fascinating culture! I plan to visit soon.

Thursday's Child said...

Wow! Can I come visit and meet these people too? :D

Betty said...

And wait until you get to the Chaco....

Brenda said...

I have met many interesting people here in Paraguay. I think its a really unusual place and I love it!

Jane said...

That is very interesting. I think it just shows how small our world really is.

John said...

Simply had to say hello. Came across your blog by way of the "next blog" button and knew I had found a keeper.

Shared your 'drunk rooster' story with my son and he is still laughing!



Nina in Portugal said... I've's see....NO ONE.....this is so not fair!

Anonymous said...

You have such interesting articles!

P said...

I just about fell off my chair laughing about the fruit lady- LOL you gotta love spanish folk. They do not have a problem letting you know you know you have should diet. Thanks for the post

Gigi said...

Thanks for opening up the window and letting me peek into your world! God Bless!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Quite interesting!!

I like the spirit in you to explore others' lives while giving them all the due respect!

MK said...

Good on ya JM, getting around the place and meeting so many. I hope one day you pen some sort of autobiography or something. I'm sure it'll be a great read.