Sunday, September 20, 2009

Affair of the Spirit

"The care that is filling your mind at this moment, or but waiting till you lay the book down to leap upon you--that need which is no need, is a demon sucking at the spring of your life."

[And the other person--this is a dialogue--the other person says,]

"'No; mine is a reasonable care--an unavoidable care, indeed!

"'Is it something you have to do this very moment?'


"'Then you are allowing it to usurp the place of something that is required of you at this moment!'

"'There is nothing required of me at this moment.'

"'Nay, but there is--the greatest thing that can be required of a man.'

"'And what's that?'

"'Trust in the living God....'

"'I do trust Him in spiritual matters.'

"'Everything is an affair of the spirit.'"--George MacDonald


Debbie said...

If we could only get that across to people and be consistent in our own lives! Amen! You go, girl!

GutsyWriter said...

What an inspiring post, Rita. I looked for your e-mail address but couldn't find it. I wanted to thank you for recommending "Third Culture Kids" to me. I purchased the book as my library didn't carry it. I immediately opened the book at a chapter called, "Rootlessness and Restlessness" and found that I'm not crazy, or alone, on this subject. Thanks Rita for telling me about the book.

Kathy said...

This is very nice--thanks!