Friday, September 25, 2009

Some answers

You asked...

Betty said...

Have you found good friends, for you personally? Being in ministry it must be hard always "putting yourself" out there. Sometimes you just need someone for yourself. I hope you have!

I think my daughters, Jackie and Jewel, were my closest friends , so I miss them both. Truthfully, knowing that I am leaving for Ciudad del Este in a matter of months has caused me to not get too attached to people here . This may not be healthy, but it is how I protect myself from the future loss of separation.
Kathy said...

How soon after you met Clint did he ask you if you wanted to be a missionary? And how soon did he mention the deep jungle as opposed to just "regular" missionary work? Or did you mention being a missionary first??? Did both of you always want to be a missionary or was it something new to think about when the other one mentioned it? :)
I'm sure I'll think of more to ask soon! :)

I knew he was planning to train for the pastorate when we met while still in HS. He was a senor and I was...14. When we married, he planned to be a church planter in New England, but during his senor year, we decided to dedicate our lives to foreign mission work. I had no problem with this as I had always dreamed of being a missionary to an African tribe. As a child, I wrote stories about it.
We spent a year in Mexico and then 8 years in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. We were constantly made aware of the needs of the tribes and saw that few were willing to go live among them, so we felt that we should get the training needed to go ourselves.
Part of this awareness came about by the fact that we raised two Ye'kwana children in our home while living in Barquisimeto. I do not mention them often or give their name as they both still live in Venezuela and I do not want anything I say or do to be used against them.

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

I always wanted to know what Bible college you and hubby what to?

My husband attended Baptist Bible College and then transferred to Northeastern Baptist Bible School as he felt we would be living in New England after graduation anyway. That school has since merged with another and no longer exists. I began attending a small school in Florida and then after our marriage I also attended NBBS.

Findalis said...

Name the 5 places on Earth you would like to visit for the first time & why.

Israel~ The history!
Rome ~ The history!
Egypt~ To see the great pyramids.
Machu Pichu, Peru~ To view the handiwork of the Incas!
Easter Island~ It fascinates me to see things for which we have no real explanation.
Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

Would you prefer that the people & communities you work with have less or more contact with "the outside world"?

I loved working with the Ye'kwana people and I enjoy the lifestyle of a small community where everyone knows everyone. It is very fulfilling to be able to help a remote people who truly need your assistance. On the other hand, it is physically very hard to live and serve in such a way.
The Local Malcontent said...

If you, JMom, had an audience with Hugo Chavez, and you were absolutely sure that he would listen to you therein,

What would you say to Hugo?

I hope I would be able to show christian compassion and share the gospel message with him. I would hope he would accept it and change his behavior.
I would truly wish to know if the rumors of his conversion to Islam are true. His behavior and choices of alliances seem to confirm this as a fact. He has the right to believe as he wishes, but why not acknowledge it?
I would also love to ask him about his many well documented lies, some of which he was repeating just last night on Larry King Live.
I would like to know why he hid under his desk when captured if he is such the brave warrior he claims to be.
I would like to know why he preaches socialism for all and yet his family has become so wealthy and live in open luxury.
I would like to know why he claims to hate America and everything it stands for and yet continues to sell oil to the USA. How can he morally do that?
I would really like to know why he would think the people of Venezuela would want to listen to his rants broadcasted on all medias, by law, for hours and hours at a time!!!!!

Glenn B said...

Hi Rita,

My question is on my blog - today's date. I asked it there instead of here because I would like to hear some others also give input.

All the best,

I gave my answer to his thoughtful question on his blog. Glenn and I do not always agree but he has always treated me as a gentleman and a friend.

I am going to save the rest of these for next week and answer each one as a complete post, so watch for them!

FJ said...

What's good eating in Paraguay? Any dishes in particular? (What can I say, it's lunch time here and I'm hungry...)

CKHB said...

What has been your scariest travel experience?

Sarah Joy said...

I know this isn't a question, but i would love to see a "day in my life" type of post.

And, Anonymous, You have many questions! I will try to answer those for you as well in the upcoming days.


Betty said...

Thanks so much for the answers! I can totally understand why you would "protect" yourself in that way. But I do hope you can find some friends wherever it is you decide to settle down.

Miss Footloose said...

I enjoyed reading the questions as well as the answers. What an interesting post! If our paths ever cross physically, I'd love to spend some time with you/1

Brooke said...

Oh, dang. I missed the Q, but the A has been a very good read. :)

Gringo said...

The Chavistas have finally given official notice of what you suspected for years: uranium for Iran in the jungle.

From what I have read, Puerto Presidente Stroessner - excuse me, Ciudad Del Este- has a fair amount of Hezbollah operating there. The Hezbollah collect a lot of "voluntary donations" from shopkeepers in Ciudad Del Este. Would Big Al have done away with Hezbollah, or would he have settled for a cut of the action?

Jungle Mom said...

Gringo, I hate to be right!And I have been called so many things for merely suggesting the possibility! What you hear about Puerto is right as well.

tamika said...

Hi Jungle Mom!

I'm glad to have stumbled upon your site. What a wide range of tantilizing questions. So many places and so many people.

I hate I missed my chance for a question, but I look forward to learning more about your amazing journey!

Blessings to you...

The Local Malcontent said...

Thanks for everything, you have our prayers, ADIOS!