Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Things I See...

My three grand daughters...

Baby Lexi

Happy Abbie

Big Girl Elena

These are a few of my favorite things!


Dawn said...

Precious treasures.

karaipyhare said...

Hi Rita.

I wanted to write you an email but I haven't found your anywhere on this site.

Just wanna tell you I enjoy a lot reading your blog and it's so interesting to read other people's thoughts about my city from a new and fresh perspective. I liked how you value what I think is our most distinctive and peculiar atribute: the diversity.

I smiled when I read you went to that bluegrass concert we hed here, I was waiting for the concert day to come so avidly to see them but, to my greatest sorrow, I just got a flu that put me on bed that very day! Oh how I regret it.

Hope to have more contact, i like getting to know foreigners.

Gabriel Núñez Castillo

Brooke said...

Happy Abbie looks like she just got hopped up on Coke and Pop Rocks! LOL!

All of them are precious!

Jungle Mom said...

kairaipyhare! I would love to meet you! Here is my email Please write so we can get in touch!

Kathy said...

What joy it must be to be near these precious children and get to watch them grow up! Hugs to them all! Have a nice weekend!