Monday, February 14, 2011

How to give directions... Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

  Giving directions or an address is not done with street names or numbers.  You start with a familiar landmark, the mosque, stadium, hospital or perhaps the lawyer’s office that looks like a Persian palace.  Then you tell them to go towards Area 4, past the petrol station, and turn right at the pharmacy. Now look for the little guard shack, two blocks after that is the house. That’s right, the one with the pet peacock, not the ostrich! That’s easy enough, right?
Driving is chaotically organized.  The traffic circles have rules that only drivers from CdE (Ciudad del Este) know. To make it more fun, the rules at each traffic circle are different, just because you had the right of way in the previous circle, doesn’t mean you have it in the next one.
I use the  Matador System... close my eyes,  and prepare for the charge, face the beast!
 Si me muero, me muro!


Kathy said...

You're driving?! Good for you! You'll be in our thoughts and prayers! I'm not even thinking about attempting it yet here! Have fun and be careful!!!

jeftex said...

That's how you give directions where I grew up in De Leon (pronounced dilly-yawn) Texas.

The Sommer Family said...

Reminds me of giving directions here in Ghana, we just have to include "just ask for so-and-so, everybody in the area knows me"...yeah, right!