Sunday, June 26, 2011

Influencing Culture

If you are interested in the history of missions and its influence on other cultures, you will find this blog to be very  informative, especially his series of post on Influencing Cultures.

Here is an excerpt on his entry of William Carey:

‘William Carey, was a Christian missionary who established the first newspaper ever printed in any oriental language because Carey believed that ‘Above all forms of truth and faith, Christianity seeks free discussion.’

‘His English language journal, Friend of India, was the force that gave birth to the Social Reform Movement in India in the first half of the nineteenth century.’
 But there is so much more to read! Check it out!
Church History Blog

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marion said...

Excellent! I love his testimony of simple service to God.
It was him who said:
"Expect great things FROM God - Attempt great things FOR God. "