Thursday, June 16, 2011

Real Life Conversation

 Me: I just moved and the Internet Server promised my cable would be installed within 48 hrs.

Server: Yes, we install all the lines within 48 hrs.

Me: But it has been a week already!

Server: We will be sending the technician by to do that today!

Me: Really? Today?

Server: Yes, today!

Me: And what is my name?  I have not told you my name. How do you know they will be here today if you do not know who I am?

Server: I just checked and they said they would definitely be by your house today.

Me: But you do not know who I am! What is my name?

Server: What is your name?

Me: I am the one to whom you are promising to come and install the internet today.

Server: But I need your name!

Me: Exactly! How can you promise to come to my house when you do not know which client I am?

Server: Well, tell my your name, please?

 Repeat the conversation every day for two weeks!
( I find myself humming the tune of  'A little less conversation , a little more action')


Becka said...

Funniest post ever. LOL. We just had our own interesting experience with our internet provider. We lost internet, which is normal, especially when it's rainy, but after two days my husband decided their was a problem. He went to get the bill to find a phone number to call and realized that we had only paid through March.
He laughed. It was already the second week of June. He saw that there was a note that April would be free. I guess May and most of June were too! LOL
Anyhow, that explained why we had lost internet and Hubbie paid up for the month and a half we had "stolen" and paid for another contract. They had it tuned on within an hour.

But we haven't tried for cable yet. I am sure that would be a whole 'nother story.

Dawn said...

Too too funny!!

Sarah Joy said...

My husband has been fussing with the internet provider we were using for a month. He thought this was very funny.

Gringo said...

Definitely laughter-inducing, though your readers enjoyed what you wrote about it more than you enjoyed experiencing it.

Which reminds me of one screed written on a rig about the difference between ahora, ahora mismo,ahorita, and ahoritita.

ahora: sometime today- if I remember about it.

ahora mismo : sometime this week- if I remember about it.

ahorita: sometime in the next month- if I remember about it.

ahoritita: Fugeddaboutit.