Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favorite Family Fotos

I love my family! 
Sometimes, candid shots turn out to be the best!

My oldest daughter, Jackie

My son in law, Brian

My son, Joshua, on his wedding day.
June7,2008. Lake Tahoe, California.


My daughter in Law, Naomy, on her wedding day.
June7, 2008. Lake Tahoe,California

My daughter, Jewel

 My daughter, Jayde in her Paraguayan dress

My oldest grand daughter, Elena

My grand daughter, Abbie

Grand daughter, Lexi, discovering cookies in the oven!

My husband and I cheering for Paraguay's soccer team.


Anonymous said...

dont forget anna is in my picture shes a part of the family too :)

Danica Newton said...

Beautiful family!