Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Shane!!!

I cant get my picture to upload, but this is for you , Shane!

S: sweet as can be

H:handsome and then some

A: awesome

N:nice, too

E:Excellent, in all ways

R:really, really fun to be with

I:intellegente,dont we know

O:only one of his kind

S:Silly, just the way we like


Teresa said...

Awww that is truely sweet. He is pretty great guy though isn't he?? Love his personality.

Pat said...

writign must run in the family!!!

And, a great acrostic!!

Pam said...

hehehe! She is trying to outdo me ya'all! I love this for Shane. He was all grins as he read it! and yes, the photo on his blog was taken on Hunting Island,S.C. back in August.

Shane said...
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Shane said...

Thank you for the kind words. I feel the love baby! haha

Anonymous said...

I know Shane got a kick out of this! Just saw the family pix on Clint's blog....LOVE IT!!!

Jackie said...

So cute, and so him. I forgot to call him on his b-day. ;-(

tupalup said...

Yes,Shane is an AWESOME little squirt. He always will be. May god bless him in every way!

Pam said...

Missing You! Wherefore art thou? Oh tha's right! You had company tonight! I did too. Pat and her two girls came over for a couple hours this evening. We had a wonderful visit!