Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Life Goes On

We have all been a bit depressed around here, so we decided to put up our tree. We can only be encouraged when we remember , God loves us, sent His son to be our Savior, and will come for us at the appointed time. The girls did most of the work on the tree and Clint and I did the outside lights. This is the largest tree we aver have had. we inherited it used from some other americans who left Venezuela. Clint and I went out looking for lights and it took almost the whole day. But, hey thats socialism for you! (oops! I let that slip)


Pat said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! I pray your heart gets lighter as you celebrate the birth of our Saviour! We are praying for safety and provision for the family!

Blessings to you!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had time for some "light" moments. Just read Jackie's blog on Prove. 31 It was great, and that is my favorite scripture. You've trained her well Mom, to read and know the scriptures. Praying for you,

Pam said...

oh I'm so glad Kim got to read blogs lately. Pray for her. She is working full time and with poor health! Lots of back problems among other things. But she is a true sweetie!
I LOVE YOUR TREE! It's so big and decorated so well! The girls did an awesome job. Guess what drew my attnetion in the most? The "cute little teddy bear on the front!" Be still my heart!

Pam said...

The Teddy Bear with the green feet and a santa's hat is the one I love!

Jackie said...

that tree is huge. Remember the little scrawny thing we used to have? you guys are really moving on up.

M.J. said...

Your tree is so pretty! Just scream family Christmas! I love the glow of a Christmas tree!

Teresa said...

Woe, what a great tree!! Is that a bird house in it on the upper left branches? Love the decorations.

Shane said...

oo pretty lights i likey.

Tiany said...

Hello this is my first visit to your blog, I found it by way of Pam!
Your Christmas tree looks lovely!!! Im so glad you were able to find lights!

Though my heart is heavy with you over the recent developments in Venezuela!
Praying for you all and for the country! Remember God is always in control!
Enjoy your Christmas!!!