Thursday, December 21, 2006

'Tis the Season to be busy....

It started last Friday with Jewels Banquet.They had about 100 teens! The teens ourcampground and had a formal banquet followed by all night games and such. They slept a few hours and then headed to the pool for the day. She got in just in time on Saturday to head to choir practice.
Sunday was a busy church day with extra choir practice for Jewel's adult choir, teen choir, and Ladies ensamble. Jayde had practicefor her childrens choir and stayed to practice her solo as well.
Monday we had a missionary luncheon and a gift exchange with all the MK's. (miissionary kids). Jayde got a Cardenales hat, Jewel got a bracelet, and Josh even got 3 deluxe chocalate bars. Eventho he wasn't here yet.
Monday night was the college and careers banquet at which Clint was speaking and Jewel was serving so.. everyone got home to bed around 1:30 am. We had about 100.
Tuesday was the adult banquet, Clint and I had made ceasar dressing for the Monday banquet, about 2 gallons. We had to make over 5 gallons and fry the bacon and grate cheese! Please , I never want to see garlic again!! We had 450 adults. once again, Jewel seved tables and her choir sang a short version of the cantata planned for Sunday. We had another late night.
Wednesday, I stayed home because, well I couldn't get out of bed. The old back, dont you know! So i didn't do much but the others had church and practices and....
I was feeling some better this morning but had only slept about 3 hours last night. Even so I figured I better get the groceries for Christmas bought before the stores ran out of everything.Already, we have no sugar and nuts in the stores and some other staples HOWEVER since I had bought up food in case of violence during the elections, we are all set!! Yeah!
I got home about 11 and could hardly walk, so Clint ordered me to bed. I woke up at 4:00!!!!!Good sleep and feel somewhat better. I think I am getting some arthritis mainly in my back, but have been having alot of pain in my knee and annkle, too.
Jayde had her SS christmas party, once again at the pool. Tht must seem odd to you all up north, but Cristmas without swimming would be like... Christams without snow????
Then Jewel hd volleyball practice for the womans church league. the tournaments are in January. Now Clint and the girls went over to help eat my sister-n-laws birthday cake. I still dont feel like sitting too long and want to rest up for JOSH. he gets in tomorrow. We are SO excited!
Tomorrow Josh arrives and we will take him out for Killers, the famouse steak subs here that Jackie posted the recipe for once.
Saturday we will bake and bake. Sunday is church and all the choir specials and Clint is preaching in the evening service. we will spend the day, Lord willing also celebrating the first Birthday of alitlle MK, Emma. Eating traditional venezuelan Christmas foods. Hallacas, pan de jamon, ensalada de gallina. Yummo!
On the 25th my in-laws are coming over toeat with us . we are having ham and all the fixins'.2 americanballplayers are coming also, and a single missionary who is from Ireland. He said he would bring something traditional Irish eat. I asked , "what?" He said, "potatoes" So Nigel is doing the potatoes if he can come.
Sorry this is long and rambling but thats how I feel right now, kind of scattered brained!
Love you all and have a very Merry Christmas! excuse the typos! cant get everything to work right and have sat too long for now.


Jackie said...

Sounds awesome. Glad you got to take a nice long nap. That's another thing we have in common!!

Pat said...

Sorry you are having such pain!! And, you are one busy lady!!

Isn't the holiday season a flurry of happy busy times?? I love the fellowship!

Your friends and fellow missionaries as well as the locals are blessed to have you in their lives! You sure make holiday memories special for them!

Sounds like your two talented young ladies are quite busy being a blessing, also!

I am praying for you!! Mya God give you grace to make it through these tough days!!

Pam Rios said...

whoo! I'm exhausted just reading your list! What a whirlwind! Thank God Clint is relatively healthy huh? Hope you are feeling better. Aunt Tommy had a wonderful time visiting with your Josh. I have a fun photo to post when I get it on a c.d. I know you will have so much fun with him there. Love you and Merry Christmas!

M.J. said...

Wow!!!! Sounds like such a fun time for you! Sorry that you are having pain, I will pray that it doesn't become a hinderance to you. Enjoy Christmas with your son! What a special Christmas gift to see your ENTIRE family somehow involved in the ministry! MERRY CHRISTMAS!