Monday, August 06, 2007

People We Love

Lovely faces!

Josue and Wendi -Church deacon

Bertico - Cacique (chief)

Petra -First Christian convert in village

Pre school class

Freddie - my neighbor

Marta and Yassir Arafat ( I kid you not!)

School lunch break


Petra. My angel!


The Merry Widow said...

JM-What beautiful faces! Petra's has so much character, I believe I will enjoy meeting her when we all go Home! And the children are adorable!
Yasser Arafat? Why in the world?


Jungle Mom said...

TMW, LOL! the father knew spanish and when a child was born, he would pick a name out of the news paper!

ElĂ­zabeth said...

I like the preschoolers photo. Children are so cute all over the world!

For a non venezuelan, names here are very strange -to say the list-. Poor people love to have 'english' names. Or just any foreign name. But usually they don't know how to write it, so they spell it the way it sounds to them.

In my case, after my son was born and I returned to work. Everybody at the office asked why did I chose a spanish name (because I knew english). They were further amazed when I answered that he was going to live here, in a spanish speaking country!

Rita, Petra is cooking casabe in the last pict, no?. Someday you have to tell how they make it and whay did you think about it the first time (I know you like it, hehehe)


The Merry Widow said...

JM-LOL! That is fairly typical...guys have to show off!
My Dad used to tell me stories of a surgeon buddy in the AF, when he was an intern, the medical school sent the class down to one of the poorest areas of the South. The names they managed to get some moms to tack on their children, well, I'd have a few things to say. They weren't "bad", but extremely medical, like!:rolling of eyes:

And Petra is too beautiful!

Jungle Mom said...

Liz, yes, casabe. and I do like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Every church needs a rock like Peter to build it on.

Jungle Mom said...

FJ, Do you know... I never thought of the connection! Petra, Pedro, Rock

Abouna said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. Yassir Arafat? Why not, who knows maybe he will redeem that name when he gets older.

Happymama said...

I know you miss them so much. Those were really wonderful pictures.



Beautiful people, I know you must really miss them. Have a good week. connie from Texas

serendip said...

Sweetest faces!

Michael said...

If Arafat weren't such a paragon of evil, I would have to laugh about the name.

Why couldn't someone have given the kid's dad the sports pages? Or the comics?

Aurora said...

Jungle Mom, this is a great work you're doing. I know how you feel about these children. I lived amongst orphans in a Christian orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal and taught English in their school and SUnday School. It was the best experience of my life.

Ashley said...

What beautiful people! The first photo is so adorable! I know you must miss them all terribly. And what a wonderful story about Petra! God truly does bring people across your path for a reason.

I hope your trip has been going well, and that you're presentation has grown since last time I saw you...remember? You:"Well...this is what we have so far "We're the Vernoys, PLEASE help send us to Paraguay!" LOL Dont leave Uncle Clint unatteneded on's important, it is De Lord's Work afterall. LOL

Jane said...

What an inspirational story. I think she is beautiful too. How could you not? She looks like Jesus.
We pray for God's protection for our dear friends in Venezuela.
I will give your regards to the Cosbys and the Herrins.

Gayle said...

They are a beautiful people, Rita. Not only the kids, but the adults as well. Their faces show a lot of character.

Yeah, I would hate for my child to have the name Hasser Arafat! Popeye would have been better than that! Well, maybe it will be a name like "Sue." It may serve to make him strong. :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

why is he named yasir arafat hun?..thats a terrorists name...change it!.:)

jennifer said...

Rita- Thank you for sharing. I really loved this post!

Pam said...

TEARS! I had to enlarge the photo of the little boy eating his lunch. Those little chubby hands and wrists just got to me in such a way ! Then I took the time to really look into their eyes, just Beautiful!

I've thought about you all a lot these past couple weeks. Can't wait to see you.