Friday, October 05, 2007


As many of you know, we will be moving to Paraguay next summer to continue our missionary service there. This month my Venezuelan Resident Visa expired. For the first time in over 20 years, I am no longer a resident of Venezuela. It is a rather strange sensation.

To prepare for our future in Paraguay, I have been reading and studying about that country. We will be visiting Paraguay next moth and I have a lot of questions! Mainly about the day to day life style, cost of living, what is available, what I should take from the states, and on and on...

The first place I go to learn about Paraguay is to my daughter's blog, since she lives in AsunciĆ³n. Her blog, Happy Wife, is all about her life there with her young family, and some of her memories of growing up in the jungle of Venezuela. I also enjoy my son in law's web page where he updates us on all the ministry happenings. He also has included some Paraguayan history at his site.

My daughter told me about an online Paraguayan newspaper which I am reading each day just to familiarize myself with the country and what is going on politically there. It is weird to read of places and people and not know where they are!

My husband "googled" to try and find Paraguayan bloggers. He found only one and he and I both started reading Muna's blog. She is Paraguayan lawyer and lives in the states but blogs about Paraguay and takes great photos. I have enjoyed reading her blog for several months now.

The newest Paraguayan blog I have been reading is Brenda's. She is living in AsunciĆ³n as well. She is involved in missions and writes some great pieces about life in Paraguay. I especially enjoy her posts about the Beauty Shop!

I also watched the movie, The Mission, which is based on a true event in Paraguay and had beautiful footage and amazing music! The Falls at Iguazu are so beautiful, but I don't think my daughter will be taking us there anytime soon.

I can't wait to move to Paraguay! So much to learn! So many new things two grand daughters!!! God is good!


Mizz E said...

I just found out that The Mission is one of Arts & Faith 100 Spiritually Significant Films. Being in Venezuela so many years, I'm wondering if you've seen them. There are a few I have not and now plan to have a spiritual film festival, if I can find them on DVD.

Kimberly said...

I'm glad God has given you an excitement for your new field. Pray you have weathered all the state side travelling. Tell the girls we need to have them spend the night sometime before you guys leave! A night of games and fellowship for all of us sounds long over due.

Penless Thoughts said...

I can only imagine how excited you will to be close to your daughter and granddaughters!!

daniel said...

God speed on your en devours!


Pat said...

I know what joy and peace you have regarding Paraguay!!

God is good.....what seemed a closed door has opened wide a new are such a great missionary....dedicated to learning the field and the country and works there!!

ANd to think, you will be near enough to visit Jackie, Elena, Abbie, and of course, Brian!! My girls think it will be such a blessing to Jewell and Jayde to be close by "Aunties" or "tias"!!And not to mention to be near enough to help Jackie!!

Blessings to yall!!

P.S. Have a great time in the NORTH!!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you're getting excited! I mean, come on? Grandbabies close by? WHY NOT!? I knew you'd be so happy about that! ;)
Though I wish ya'll could stay in the states! Cause I'm going to miss you all! ^___^

redneck preacher said...



Happymama said...

Yes, God is very good. I know your heart has missed being with the people in Venezuela. But it sounds like the Lord is giving you a new excitement. I'm so happy for you.


groovyoldlady said...

God is so good!

Warning: If you read Rita's comments, you may not WANT to read this one. "Cause it will make you start scratching!

Oh...and about the lice. I figured if you had time to visit, you'd have something to say - you being so bug savvy and all. I couldn't use the home perm because I am very sensitive to the bugs and have welts all over my head and neck and a few on my shoulders. I think a perm would be extremely painful! (Vinegar was no picnic!)

OIl? That we can do. Although I'm thinking that the mayo would be less messy. I tried Ms. Karen's mayo and heat treatment yesterday (she was a public school med tech for years and years). When I tried to comb out, I didn't see any new nits at all, so we're making progress.

Silly-Head had a much worse (though less bothersome) infestation. I'll probably be trying all manner of crazy treatments on her over the next few days! Today will be mayo day for her.

Thanks for your expert advice. God Bless ya!

Brenda said...

There are some other interesting books on Paraguay, most of them very PG13 or sarcastic. Its seems that many foriegners have had bad experiences here. The book "Tomb of the Inflatable Pig" for example, was banned in Paraguay. Another book, "Woman on Horseback" is out of print, but you can find it in Spanish. Its about Mcal Lopez mistress, Madam Lynch. When you come I can reccomend some others in Spanish. . .

Kate said...

You and your family are in my prayers, JM!

Once you get settled, definitely go to Iguazu, I went when I lived in Chile, it's quite breathtaking.

Pam said...

Is Iguazu where Jackie's trip from hell took place??

I would love to watch The Mission again. I haven't seen in in many years and had forgotten that it was set in Paraguay.

sacoleiro said...

Hi.. I'm brazilian, but I live in Paraguay for about 12 years.. My blog is

It's not about Paraguay likes Muna's Blog, but it could be some reference if you want more information about Paraguay.

I'm sure you will like to live in this country.. the people here are great! :) Regards,


OnlinePharmacy said...

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Anonymous said...

estoy muy Feliz con ustedes de que puedan ir a vivir a Paraguay, yo soy paraguaya pero vivo ahora en Toronto, quiero volver a Paraguay mi familia vive ahi, pero no se como hacerlo, porque sali del pais hace mucho, es hermoso vivir ahi, la gente es muy especial, seguro que lo van a pasar muy bien, si necesitan alguna ayuda aqui estoy con mil gusto lo voy a dar una mano, o le dare la direccion de mis hermanas que viven en Asuncion y ellas estaran felices de ayudarles!!.. que Dios les bendiga!! hasta muy pronto!! mi correo es a sus ordenes!!

James said...

hello, Im not sure how old this website is.. but if anyone could help me ... My name is Norma and I was born in San Cosme e Domion, Paraguay in 1984. My birth mother brought me dealthly ill to two peace corp nurses, they eventually adopted me, because my mother thought I would die if I stayed. I'm now married and have a baby daughter and it is my dream to meet my true family in Paraguay. I have about 11-12 brothers and sisters, I was about 5 months old, and my mother was pregnant with her next child...she walked 8 miles to save my life. I love this woman that I've never met for loving me enough to save my life, and unselfishly give me to my adoptive parents. Please help if you can, I have my mothers name and my brothers and sisters too. If you are located and could track them down ... my life will be completed! Email me at