Friday, December 07, 2007

The "BLOGGING Baby Shower"

One of the very first things I did in Paraguay was deliver all the gifts many of you had sent to my daughter for the baby, Abby.

Debbie at ~~~Apples of Gold~~~~had the wonderful idea which she coordinated with my sister, Pam ,at Midnight Musings. Many different bloggers sent gifts or money, so that I could carry it down to my daughter , Jackie, at Faithful in the few Things as a great surprise!

I had intended to put it all out and take photos , but, we arrived at the house at midnight and we were all so excited, I just started pulling things out and saying, "pen of jen sent this package with the cute matching dresses for you three and the cow doll for Elena! OH! And the cute farm animal purse!!! And cook books!"

"Debbie and Susan at, both sent checks, so we combined their money to get this Baby Album scrapbook you had asked for!"

Webutante also sent a check and wanted a gift for each of the girls and Jackie some shoes. So we purchased 2 pairs of summer sandals for Jackie and matching Christmas dresses for the two girls!

Pat sent teething meds and the folks at Smyrna Baptist Church and Missie, The Crownie's Mom all sent hair bows, candles, jewelry, and even gourmet coffees and a grinder for Brian!

Tiany at Less Of Me~More Of Him- sent a package of gifts Jackie had admired as a give away Tiany had done at her blog awhile back.

Of course. Pam sent her annual engraved ornament and ginger bread men ornaments for Elena to decorate and put on the tree. Which she did!

We had such a blast, I never got the pictures taken. OOPS! I really meant too!!! I wish you all could have been there and seen all the excitement! Especially, since my family teases me about all my imaginary friends in the blogashere! You all sent REAL gifts, so you can not be just imaginary friends, right????



Anonymous said...

Actually, I am all of those people. I have a massive global domination scheme in the works which involves convincing the vast majority of web users that they are really in contact with other sentinent beings. I am the Internet, and my name is Al Gore...

Penless Thoughts said...

No imaginary friend here of you or your lovely daughter, Jackie :o)

Webutante said...

What a great idea and it was fun to participate. I was so anxious for Jackie to get some cute thongs....we wear the same size, but by the end of summer, mine were worn out and all the winter stuff was out!

jennifer said...

I am so glad that you had a chance to go and check out the new *home* country and to take the gifts!

I am so glad that this was organized and that you had a chance to deliver this to Jackie! My family has become quite pleased to be able to pray for missionaries that we can put faces on!

We are truly glad to call the Jungle Hut Family and all her vines(Jackie:) as friends!

Glad to know that your travels were safe and sound.

Daughter of the King said...

Rita, know PAM...did all the work behind the scenes...I just had the idea...and then to have YOU to be able to deliver what a blessing....I am so glad that you had this time to SCOUT OUT the area and time with JAckie and her precious my heart you are not imaginary....just a different kind of friendship...and it is truly ALL about the Lord and HIS people.

Pat said...


Thanks for the post----and for the call---it was great talking to you!

Sisters in Christ are real even if we only see/talk in blogsphere!!

Yekwana Man said...

Remember the movie TRON? it wasn´t sci-fi it was prophecy!!!!!!

Ashley said...

Hey,you KNOW I'm real!!
I'm so glad she got so many lovely things though! That was an awesome idea!

LOL Uncle Clint!
TRON...oh my soul.

groovyoldlady said...

Hi, I'm not really groovyoldlady, I am Jason the fictional character she made up for her new (and only) novel. Teenage boys like me don't do girlie showers. Eeeeew!

Groovy, however was sorry she didn't make it. I think she nodded off - you know how old people are...