Sunday, December 07, 2008



Translation list of time spent on the internet
"One second"= half an hour
"Just checking my email"= 45 minutes
"One minute"= 1 hour
"I'm finishing up now"=3 hours
"I'll be getting off at midnight"= Staying up all night!


Betty said...

Guilty, guilty, guilty! :)

Soul Skittles said...

I'm afraid to say anything....I think this is some sort of trick you planned to make me look stupid so that Charles can sabotage my snowfort while I'm in my self pity! >:(

Brenda said...

That resembles me! I would almost rather internet than sleep!

Liz said...

HA! I can relate!

~K~ said...

Can you translate for those of us non-Spanish language learners? It looks interesting!

Judith said...

Jungle Mom, I hope I'm leaving this in the right place here. After reading your daughter's post, I will try hard to never complain about modern inconveniences again, And a Merry and blessed Christmas to all of you, too.

MightyMom said...

si yo!

~K~ said...

Thanks for translating! It is so true!

Gringo said...

That reminds me of gringos reacting to Latin American conceptions of time. Many moons ago a co-worker composed something along along these lines.

ahora mismo ( right now): if your're lucky, in an hour or two.

ahora (now) : if you’re lucky, today.
ahorita (diminutive forms follow): if you’re lucky, next week.
ahoritita: if you’re lucky, next year.
ahorititita: when pigs fly.