Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Language School

 We attended a Spanish language school in Queretaro, Mexico before moving to Venezuela. Although it was helpful, we found the Mexican Spanish to be very different from the Venezuelan Castellano. Little did we know that 25 years later we would be living in Paraguay using  voseo instead of tuteo . I never imagined I would be wondering when it we correct to tutear or vosear! If I had known, I would have paid closer attention in those grammar classes!

While living in Mexico we made some wonderful lifelong friends. Recently, while speaking with one of them, I was reminded of a song a group of us had written and performed at a party in language school.

Language School (to the tune of ¨Yesterday¨)

Language School.
Every day I feel like such a fool
Trying to think of conjugation rules.
Oh, I believe in Language School.

Romance is gone.
The kiss you want now will just have to wait.
I´ve got 50 verbs to conjugate.
Oh, I believe romance is gone.

Spanish head.
Oh, I wish that I had stayed in bed.
Trying to think of what my neighbor said.
Oh, I believe in Spanish head.

Forgot my verse.
All my grades keep on getting worse.
I sometimes think that I might curse.
I might as well, what could it hurt?

What did I try to say?
I don´t know.
I couldn´t SAY
I said something wrong
Now I long to go away.

Oh, we´re here and oh so sick, you know.
To the baño we must always go.
We´re full of woe, in Mexico.

Tengo un chiste de vos, pero sólo sea cómica si fueras un nerd lingüístico !

Un hombre entra en un farmacia y pide por pasta dental, se llama Cuélgate. El farmacéutico dice, "Hombre, no lo tengo esta marca, aquí sólo tengo Colgate" y el hombre respondió, "¡Ahhh Amigo, vos sos Paraguayo también!"


Kathy said...

That song is so cute! I often feel that way since I'm trying to learn Spanish! Ayuda!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't conjgate thee's and thou's como voseis... ;-)

Rancher said...

"Every day I feel like such a fool"

Boy if that aint the truth. My dad’s parents were Spanish but my parents didn't teach us Spanish when we were young because they didn't want to confuse us. It would have been so easy to learn then because of the plastic brain think but they didn't know that. So all I learned were the cuss words from listening to Dad when we would round up sheep.

Gringo said...

I have forgotten the details, but there was a joke in Guatemala about President General Lucas García that involved "Cologate." Probably something to do with what Guatemalans wished he would do to himself.

Jokes about President Lucas were so common that even a generation after he was deposed, people still remembered President Lucas jokes.I heard my first President Lucas joke from a government employee who visited out rig to collect some data.

My own President Lucas joke involved a visit to his hometown when he was President. I was introduced to some relatives of the President. The person making to introduction to the President's relatives was the madam of a house of prostitution. Only in Guatemala.( If you wish to delete this paragraph, I understand).

Brenda said...

The song is great! So is the joke. Somehow I missed this post earlier.