Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just a quick observation:

This is such an interesting country to live in!

I am an American living here and yesterday I went to three doctor's offices. One is Canadian so we speak to each other in English. 

The next one was Russian, so we communicated with each other in highly accented Spanish... well, at least we knew what each other was trying to say!!! 

The third doctor was Korean, we spoke to one another in Spanish... anyway, I think it was Spanish...

 I was reminded of this post I wrote a few months ago.

Every country and culture has its own style and personality. I find that I mentally classify the different countries I have lived in by attaching a human face to that personality.

The United States of America

It's all about success and prosperity. Some folks love us while others detest us. We can be a bit ruthless as we strive for achievement, and yet, people keep coming, hoping to partake of our wealth. Even those who do not like us, often admire our tenacity. Some people find us to be arrogant because we know were are #1 and don't really care what people think of us, bad hair and all!

If the USA were a person, it would be Donald Trump.
Rich, driven, controlling and somehow entertaining at the same time.


I only lived in Mexico for a year but the thing that stood out the most to me was their love of family and food. Very comforting.

If Mexico were a person, it would be Paula Dean.

Warm, friendly and good cooks!


In Venezuela personal beauty is very important, especially among the women. It is said that Venezuelan women are born wearing high heels.  There is a great love for children but sometimes, the Venezuelans can be a tad bit arrogant, .like we Americans. They can be violent at times, but it is mostly just for show. We forgive them this because they really are beautiful people for the most part.

If Venezuela were a person, it would be Angelina Jolie!
Beautiful, but can be over the top sometimes!


What can I say? Paraguayans are so friendly and yet, you just never quite know what to expect in this country. Something new and strange seems to be lurking around each corner. Whatever it turns out to be will be interesting and never boring! Its all good!

If Paraguay were a person, it would be the character

Willy Wonka!


I never lived in Canad but   its seems to be nearly invisible to us although it is our next door neighbor. We often forget about Canada but do enjoy knowing it is so nearby when needed. You know it is there and in a pinch will help you out, but for some reason Canada never is in the spotlight.

If Canada were a person, it would be the character
Wilson of 
the TV show "Home Improvement'.
Our hidden neighbor next door!

Where do you live?
What person would describe your region?


firepig said...

Paraguayans sound so interesting. I love mystery and surprise!For me the USA is way too predictable and everyday the same...too many rules and regulations and order ...I am sure I would really have trouble living in a place like Switzerland or Germany .The status quo is the single most 'squelcher' of spontaneous joy in my opinion.

However I think here in the US we are divided into the Donald Trumps and the simple small town folks whose highlights of the years are bake sales, and Christmas parades and swimming in the lake and who would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it.We are really 2 countries now.I dislike the Donald Trump part but love the simple/ humble trustworthy part.

I dislike Mexican food very much but I love the Artisania and quaint lore of Mexico.

Canada? I agree.Rarely does it come into my consciousness but I am sure it is a beautiful country...

Venezuelans ??...arrogance, oh yes.But it too is a divided country with 'sifrina' Caracas idolizing beauty and status vs the small town humble folk who would also give you the shirt off their back and share their entire lives with you.
What I love about Venezuela is the soul.

Now I will have to think up some archetypes.

I guess 2 people can live forever in the same country and see it differently.

Thursday's Child said...

Easy...Lebanon would be Danny Thomas. Ever see his routine about the guy whose car breaks down and he walks to a nearby house for help?

redneck preacher said...

My faces would be different.
USA = Reagan - rich, had a spiritual life (sort of), not afraid to use force when needed, sense of humor. Many in the world hated him but many knew his role in the demise of the USSR.
MEXICO = Could be the same as yours
Venezuela & Paraguay = Do not know any so I'll adopt yours
CANADA = Has to be a lumberjack with an ax and recently added pink boots. Canadians rescued Americans during Carters abomination in Iran. Tough but changing.

So what was that thing hanging down in the commode?


Jungle Mom said...

RP,it is a swing away bidet!

Brenda said...

I always loved that about Paraguay. Its what I love about SF as well. One day, by 9am I had been attended to by a Vietnamese, Philippino, Brazlian, Indian, Ukranian and a Mexican. All who spoke English with an accent. I love it.

Findalis said...

I still say Ancient Israel is Deborah, Modern Israel is Golda.

Both older women with attitude!

Betty said...

....and then when you come to the Chaco you could see German doctors, who speak Spanish or English.... :)

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting concept. Maybe I should visit Venezuela some time.

Pam said...

I live in the good ol' USA!! Arrogance and all! Naw I really don't think we're arrogant but are very charitable. We seem to give more and are always the first ones at any catastrophe.

Shane Rios said...

Lol Wilson was my Favorite,lol.


Very well done. I'm living in Korea and it is a strange country. The people are nice and family centered. Respect for the elderly is demanded. Like Venezuela the women are obsessed with beauty.