Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Checking in...

Stopping by to check in via Jackie's internet.

We have electricity, sorta. 

We have water,sorta.

I can't use my drier or the power goes out. We have water in the sinks and toilets (the toilets all leak) but not the showers. So we are taking bucket showers with very cold water and I discovered today that my coveted heater wont work either. 
The good news is that Clint's flight to Asuncion was canceled due to the volcanic ash from the eruption in Chile, so he is here to share this with me. ( Check the link for some amazing pictures.)

Oh well... it can only get better , right?????


Betty said...

Sounds miserable! I hope it does get better! Where´s Cliff off too?

Gecko said...

Sure, it will get better!!!! I guess this is when people say "patience my child", haha. Amazing photos though.

Kathy said...

Oh boy!!! Is this "life in CDE" or is it because of storms or something? Will you have troubles when you're having church? We're praying for you folks!!! Take care and have as good a week as possible!!!

Gringo said...

Not surprisingly, the Boston Globe also has a good set of photos on the volcano eruption in Chile.

But I heard about the volcano from JM first.