Tuesday, June 19, 2007

International Moves are Not for the Faint Hearted!

Woke up early yesterday as Hubby received a call from the aduana (customs) agent that the port was needing more money for more rent at the port, now nearing 30 days at 30$ a day. So he had to head to our bank, stand in a long line, then head to another bank, another line ,to make the deposit. This meant he did not make me his usual "wake up coffee". Normally, he brings me a cup of coffee to start the day! He's a sweety!! But , without it, my day seems to get off on the wrong foot!! Sort of like this!!! ( kg, you'll love this one!)

Then, I headed to a doctors appointment while he ran off to pay final utility bills. We both had the normal long waits! Back home for a few minutes, ate arepas, and back out to another doctors appointment, it seems that I am part of the lucky 2% of people whose bodies reject the interior dissolving stitches. So..mine have worked their way out, so to speak! Which is not comfortable! They had to cut out 8 yesterday and I have about 6 more that should need removed in the next week. Of course, my Hubby says he will do it himself.

Go to the notary public office to sign the papers on the car we sold. This was about a two hour wait in a room full of Chavistas, including the young man buying our car. I guess I became a little vocal about my political leanings , because as we left my Hubby said we had better leave the country soon so as to keep me out of jail!!! I just grew tired of listening to all the nonsense and said so!!! The fellow buying the car is a long time friend I have known since his childhood, and it hurts that he is so naive as to believe this regime and has no historical knowledge to understand why communism will never work, So I took it upon myself to give him a a crash course in "Christian World View", then "Capitalism 101", followed by , "The Difference in a Republic and a Democracy", " Why we need division of Power". He said he had never heard the things I was telling him!!!!! ( And I dare say neither had the other 25 people in line, HEHEHE!)

Then when it was my turn to sign the title over to him, I asked how much he was paying my for my signature. He and the Notary, looked at me funny and I said, " Well, anytime I need a government officials signature on any kind of paper work it usually runs about a 1000$". My husband gave me , "The Look!" to be quiet, so I did!!

While there we got a call from the customs agent, saying that our container was ready to load on the ship but....(but, always means more money!) The military, randomly, (yeah, right!) chose our container to be x-rayed! And the truck needed to take the container to the X-ray site was going to cost $$$$ and then the guards opened boxes which she had to repack!! But, hopefully, we will still make it on the boat ! If not we have to wait another week with more port rental!! Lovely!!!!

Also through out the day we were getting calls from another government office concerning another legal issue , and of course, it will cost BIG BUCKS !!! And they want Dollars not Bolivares, but we cant get dollars here!!! So, a lot of calling around trying to come up with that kind of money in cash! Not possible! So dear Hubby was grumpy now and told the official, "You are NUTS!!! " Well in Christian love of course. But the corruption is unbelievable!! It has always been here but never to this extent !!!! It was my turn to give my husband "The Look!" he gave it right back to me!!!!!

Back home, check in with the photographer, price things for garage sale, finish packing up non-essentials, call people to tell them to come get the stuff they have bought or I am giving it away!!!...

I will not be around on the blogasphere much as we are now entering the final days and it is CRUNCH time!!!

I will be posting, but not as much and probably nothing of much interest to you all , just stuff I want to record for myself.


Daughter of the King said...

okay Rita....where do you get such great graphics...comics..etc...I hate to have to blog lift off of your blog but as a newbie....I might do something desperate...HAHA!!!!


Penless Thoughts said...

I can hear, and understand, your flustration!

Barbara H. said...

Smiling at "the looks" passing back and forth, LOL!

I'll be praying for you -- any move is daunting, but from one country to another -- wears me out just thinking about it!!!

Jackie said...

Ahh..yes, moving internationally can be a blast. Last move I made internationally involved a sick baby, 16 hour flight, and a non-existent co-worker. Lots of "LOOKS" flying around at that time too!

Kimberly said...

Praying things get easier as moving time approaches.

Julia_1984 said...

Jungle mom, Dont worry I did not post your comment. I have discovered that leftside its actually a respectable adversary, he does support the government but he can really listen and hes just not insulting everybody. I think hes just very idealistic and doesnt have all the information at his hands. Im already in contact with him discussing those issues. I´m dont have the hope to convince him but yet to make him understand me. So far its the only one from the left who has really listen to me.

I'm sad because is real and you are finally leaving the country. As many people will do eventually. I will continue fight for our country as long as I can, it is my home and for better or for worse I dont have the choice of just going somewhere else and if I ever do I will always do it looking at Venezuela, and helping my home and my people from inside and outside. I didn't planned to be this way, but thats how life is. I know we are not agree on many things politics, but we are agree in a few basic things. And for me its enough.

If everyone thinks like me I must be worried about it because it can only means that I'm making others to think like me. And thats called tyranny and we are both against it. Thats what allows me to speak to you and to speak with leftside and to who ever wants to speak with me having respect for the human dignity of the opponent before anything.

Thank you so much for supporting my project, means my blog, from start. I know you encouraged a lot of people to read me and you constantly put comments on my entrys. In only a few months a lot of people have read my stories. I'm working hard to finally finish the paralel blog in spanish and then who knows! more projects, a book... I dont have a visitor counter, do you know where I can get those?

Regards and the best of luck. Venezuela is not just the landscapes and the hot arepa with white cheese melting in the mornings. You are not leaving us, you are taking us to the north. So always be careful with that fragile luggage!.

Jungle Mom said...

Julia, i am not sure if you waned me to post your comment but I will always cherish it! thanks for communicating it to me! Please know i will take a piece of Venezuela with me everywhere I go! We will be living in Paraguay, and I know we will be able to use all the love we feel for Venezuela and all the things we learned here to hopefully benefit others there. it is a very needy country, no oil!! So the people are mainly humble. We are attracted by the indian heritage as well.
God bless you always!!!

ElĂ­zabeth said...

My dearest Rita, I feel for you!
Problems like these, I do not wish, even to my worst enemies. Keep writing everything, it will help me to choose in the near future what to do.

My husband is a very wise man... he says that it is best to sell and give away everything but the clothes and the photographs. We joke about it, we say that our next home will be ZEN decorated (which I hate!)

Read it out loud, with spanish accent (& have a good laugh):
ZEN adornos,
ZEN cuadros,
ZEN alfombras,
ZEN nada que limpiar!

Love, hugs and venezuelan kisses from me to you, be strong!


Jungle Mom said...

Liz, Me dio mucha risa!!!
Na'gaura! Que divertido!! hay q seguir riendo.

Rebecca said...

I think I'd lose my mind! It's mostly gone anyway.

Pat said...

Hey, I am so with you about the coffee!:) That is the first business of the day!!

I understand your frustation....government can be hard to deal with, and the naievety
of some people is amazing! Yes, I know the look, too, when I have given my "discreet" opionions!!

I will be praying for you and the family...

Sorry your sutures weren't textbook...that can be uncomfortable!!

BTW, I am heading to the mountains next week and will be in heavy anti W territory--most of them family....so, I got plenty of splainin' to do!!!

Keep your eyes turned upward and your knees bent!!

Mishel said...

First of all, the pictures you used in the post are PERFECT!! You crack me up! : )

I *so* miss my coffee. : ( I can only drink decaf since I was diagnosed with PVC's in April. Regular coffee makes my heart beat all weird. Bummer, huh?!

Did you have the same surgery as I did? I don't remember you saying exactly what you had done--although maybe I missed it? If you did, you better be careful lifting boxes and things while you are moving. : ) Hugs to you!!


Rita, I loved the pictures, even if I couldnot have read what you had written I would have got the message.lol. I am sorry you all are having to go through so much but maybe, God willing it will all soon be over. Praying so. Take care and God bless. connie from Texas

KG said...

We've been though that process ten times in the past fifteen years, so be assured I share your pain!
The only answer is--fewer possessions.
Clothing, tools, two rifles and a computer is about all I bother with these days.
Love the coffee graphic, by the way. :-)

Pam said...

God bless you Sis! Wish I could help. The most I can do is promise I will be at the airport to get you upon your arrival. I can't wait to see you all but once again, I feel guilty for saying that or feeling that, because I know you all are leaving there with broken hearts.

PortraitofPeter said...

Wow, it's days like that - I am glad of my pipe!!

Seriously, though do keep safe and I hope the remaining days will be less stressful for you.

Prayers at this time.

Michael said...

OY. This: agent that the port was needing more money for more rent at the port, now nearing 30 days at 30$ a day brings back memories of when we first got to Israel, and our lift arrived two months later.

I had to go down to the port of Ashdod to claim it, and my uncle and cousin (both of whom were olim) gave me the following advice:

"The port agent said it'll cost you 1800 shekels? Take 2500. You'll need the bakshish if you want to get your stuff delivered on time."

They were right, too. At the port, the agent told me it would cost 1800, but for an extra 500, he could "speed it up."

Ain't travel wonderful? We'd be better off just leaving the stuff and buying new stuff in the destination country...

American Crusader said...

Rita, I hope you're being careful. I'm sure your blog is being monitored by the government.
This must be a very hard time for you but a lot of people are concerned for your well-being.

Jungle Mom said...

AC, you are correct. but, it is better for me to leave than to put up with me here!!! ( or so I've been told!)

Jungle Mom said...

Mishel, I am trying to only order people around and not actually lifting the boxes.

Jungle Mom said...

Pam, cant wait to see you all!

Jungle Mom said...

kg and Michael, You are correct, less is best. we went in with another family and still only managed to fill the floor of the 20 foot container. Photos and sentimental things are all we are taking. All furniture was sold, most of our stuff had to be left in the jungle.

pilot-pooja said...

Good luck your way!!!
seems the going is getting tough..

But as they say then the Tough eventually get it going!!

Gayle said...

Standing in line giving a lecture on democracy versus communism in Venezuela sounds a bit dangerous to me. You are a brave woman, Rita! I will breathe much easier when you are out of there.

The asshats down there are stealing you blind. I hope you'll have enough left to feed your family when you return to the states. Sheesh!

Webutante said...

Rita, we're with you in this transition and send love and prayers. I know the pain of seeing loved ones on the wrong political ideology thought track...I'd be in jail with you! But so glad you're moving on...