Friday, June 01, 2007

Love It! Love it! Love It!

Silenced Venezuelan TV station moves to you tube

CARACAS, Venezuela (CNN) -- Radio Caracas Television, the station silenced by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has found a way to continue its daily broadcasts -- on YouTube, the popular video Web site.

Although the station is officially off the air, CNN's Harris Whitbeck said its news department continues to operate on reduced staffing, and the three daily hour-long installments of the newscast "El Observador" are uploaded onto YouTube by RCTV's Web department.

In addition, RCTV's Colombia-based affiliate, Caracol, has agreed to transmit the evening installment of "El Observador" over its international signal. The program, which will run at midnight, could reach about 800,000 people in Venezuela.

Although this is drastically reduced from RCTV's previous audience, its continued presence is a sign of hope for the staff.

"We're just doing our job as journalists," said an employee of RCTV. "As long as somebody is seeing us, we consider what we are doing to be valid."

Watch it here!


Stephen Renico said...

Jungle Mom,

Glad to see you're still blogging after all of the turmoil down there. May God protect you and yours.


Sire said...

Here it is, by the way:

Elízabeth said...

Just a little correction to Harris Whitbeck:

They are working with ALL their staff. Nobody has been laid off, to this date.


Jungle Mom said...

Liz, I wont even ask how you know that! But it is good to hear!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on the book. You are so funny! Now I have to wait for the translation again, hehe! I bet you are just cracking yourself up on that one. Ah, I knew I should have taken a different foreign language besides German. I flunked out of that class. Help!

Always On Watch Two said...

Check this out.

I hope that there's not going to be a bloodbath.

Glad to see that material from Venezuela is being uploaded to YouTube! That may be the only way to get the news as to what's going on there.

American Crusader said...

To you have any idea what percentage of the Venezuelan people have access or own computers?
I wouldn't imagine that the percentage would be very high.
Chavez has successfully silenced another voice of opposition.
Keep safe.

Happymama said...

Well, I suppose YouTube is the way to go. :)


Jane-Jane said...

i'm with Ginger... don't have a clue what is being said... but I am sooo stoked to hear that the press goes on.
Still praying, Jane

Anonymous said...

Jungle Mom,
posting videos from YouTube is really easy. Just go to YouTube and below the video there are different things you can do with it. One of them is "Post this" or something similar to that. Just click on that and it will walk you through setting up your site and then go back to the video and post it...have fun!

Heather said...

way to go... I'm glad they aren't letting themselves be silenced... I hate bullies....or should I say I hate bullying...?

PortraitofPeter said...

Congratulations to RCTV - for showing they can rise (like that of the Phoenix), above dictatorship and continue to express the true image of Venezuela - even if it is via youtube - it is a start.

I continue to pray for you all - please take care and above all stay safe.

Caraqueña said...

To American Crusader: Access to computers is very wide right now, as there are all kinds of cybers all over the place. Wonder how long that will last?! Trouble is, Chavistas have already CHOSEN what they will watch...can you guess? Missionary in Venezuela, friend of JM's