Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Am Seeing RED!!!

When I saw this at Citizen Feathers ,I could barely contain myself!!

First, nearly everyone pictured at this table denied Christ and even killed and tortured Christians for their beliefs, and secondly, I know that many Venezuelan "evangelicals" are Chavez supporters! If the Venezuelan church does not speak out now about these kinds of propaganda by supporters of this government, it will have sold its very soul to the devil as far as I am concerned!

Yes, I am angry!!!


Elízabeth said...

sorry in spanish.. no time to think in english:

Rita, además yo pienso que el 'artista' que pintó esto, pudiera utilizar su supuesto 'talento' y hacer cosas mas edificantes, no?

Como trabajo voluntario en alguna escuela de barrio.. y enseñar dibujo y pintura a los muchachos.

Pero NO! se dedica a esta porquería. ARGGGGHHHH!!! dan asco!

Por otro lado, dices algo que siempre yo digo: qué cantidad de evangélicos en el régimen (con altos cargos) y en el pueblo chavista. Por qué??

Yo siempre digo que es lo mismo que si hubiesen apoyado a Hitler durante los 40s. El que se junta con asesinos, SIEMPRE sale manchado de sangre... será que tengo una conciencia muy delicada?


Jungle Mom said...

It concerns me greatly. Partly it is because traditionally, most evangelicos have been poor.And,not wanting to step on toes, but, the poor are less educated, less likely to have studied in a private school, less likely to have traveled, and even not very well read, as they can not afford books.

El grupo mas grande de evangelicos en Venezuela son los pentecostales y son ellos los q apoyan tanto el regimen.

Es una verguenza!!!

Elízabeth said...

hmmm... I believe you are right, ignorance plays a big role here.


Caraqueña said...

Lo dijeron TODO, muchachas! Algun dia despertaran...?

Daughter of the King said...

This is sickening....

Bar Kochba said...

Its always the G-dless who are doing the slaughtering, torturing and supressing (unless their G-d is Allah). But that didn't stop Chavez from using the "New" Testament to his advantage when he had the chance. He said that the descendants of those who cruxified J control the world, speaking about Israel.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sorry Rita but this too shall pass.........Keep the faith girl!

Abouna said...

I do not blame for being angry. After seeing that picture I feel nothing but disgust and anger. And as far as Chavez goes, what I wouldn't give to have 20 minutes alone with him with a length of rubber hose in my hand. I would place the fear of the Lord into him.

Jane-Jane said...

Rita... Last I heard (about a year ago) they were in Mexico training to live with a tribe there. I will e-mail the church secretary to confirm this info.
we left the church that was supporting them about a year ago. *Not because of the support.* It truly was God moving us, and we are growing individually and as a couple! woo hoo!

Gringo said...

Good point about Hugo and the churches. This is a replay of the "Liberation Christianity" of some decades ago, where in Nicaragua, for example, many priests ( but NOT Cardinal Obando) lined up to support the Sandinistas. I found interesting that one finds the same phenomena with Protestant evangelical churches in Venezuela.
While "father" D'Escoto (whose father was a Somocista ambassador) continues as a Sandinista cheerleader, priest/poet Ernesto Cardenal finally had a falling out w the Sandinistas. Venepoetics recently posted on this matter.

A point of grammar follows.

..."sold it's very soul to the devil..." without a contraction reads as:
"sold it is very soul to the devil"
It should read:"...sold its very soul to the devil"...

Remember: it's = it is.
Sorry for being pedantic

MK said...

Ignorance is the reason why much of the world still falls for socialism and communism.

By the time they experience them in all their glory, it's too late to turn back.

The Merry Widow said...

There are rumors that he has converted to mohammadism...considering how he's welcoming the Iranian mullahs in...Isaiah 5:21-23!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Jungle Mom said...

I know none of the missionaries are in the tribes now. Because of CHavez. A few are in small towns trying to do translation and such from there. I'll have to make a few calls ad see where they are exactly.

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the editing. Would you like that job, I could certainly use one!. :) as I said, I was angry and in quite a rush when I typed that. No excuses for all the other grammar mistakes! Learning three languages seems to have left me deficient in all of them.

FeathersMcGraw said...

As I said it in my blog, friends, don't get angry and have faith in God, remember the Lord has its ways. Remember who Saint Paul was before become a Christian.

Only God knows what was in the hearts of the people who did this. We have to pray for them.

And, as far of the evangelicals, the ones in the government were never being poor but middle class. I have a few of evangelical pentecostal friends who can't undertand what's going on when their Pastor "de toda la vida" start praising Chavez at their churches. We all have to pray for them as well.

I don't know why they are believing into Chavez so blindly. It happens I guess, people infatuates with bad people all the time. I, personally, have no doubt where all of this come from.