Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Twi-light Zone!

The following is a translation done by Little Venice of an interview given by Chavez' former Foreign Affairs Vice- Minister of North America. I know many people often laugh off the Bolivarian Revolutionaries and tend to think of them as silly fools who can cause no real harm! Think again! Many of them are quite evil and propagate evil thoughts and attitudes. The problem is that there are many of the young of Venezuela who have heard this rhetoric for years in the school system and the state controlled TV and believe this nonsense. (I apologize for some of the crude language but that is how these people choose to speak!)

Who Are The Terrorists? -Mari Pili Hernadez

"Is a man that commits suicide with a bomb attached to his body, having seen his country invaded, devastated, destroyed, under the premise of a "preventive war",because supposedly in said nation there were to be found nuclear weapons that were never found, while the UN's Security Council remains absolutely silent in the face of so much atrocity, a terrorist?

He that's seen his entire family die while at a family gathering, happily celebrating a relative's wedding when the invading army's airplane bombed the dwelling hosting the party, only to later simply state that it was a mistake, given that they'd thought that an Al Qaida member was hiding there, if he later went to place an explosive that somehow harmed that unruly army that mistakes a bride for Osama Bin Laden, is he a terrorist?

He that, not having sophisticated weapons with which to defend himself, nor smart missiles, nor rifles with telescopic scopes, nor submarines, nor aircraft carriers, decides to enter a shopping center and attack anyone who looks like a family member of those that took his own from him, is he a terrorist?

The man that had no possibilty of responding to the bombings that night after night submerge his country in misery, in pain, in hunger, in death, in indignity, when he decides to use his own body as a lethal weapon against the imperialist agressor that's been assassinating his people for decades, is he a terrorist?

He that plans "attempts" against installations in which nationals of the country that has been massacring entire populations for years simply because these peoples don't want to give away their energy resources have interests( likely meaning investements), is he a terrorist?

He that proffers threats, insults, abuses and all manner of offensive words against the President of the country that's subjected them to desolation, hunger, or violence, is he a terrorist?

He that hates with all his might the nationals of a country that s--t on his sacred texts, rape his women, torture those detained in their illegal jails, and,as if that wasn't enough, photograph themselves commiting these barbarous acts and publish their "pranks", intending to let the world know that they can do anything, that they're above all human beings, above anything that can be considered human, is
he a terrorist?

He that attempts to cause harm to the nationals of a country that illegally kidnaps one of his relatives, and more that 500 people, keeps them prisoner in an inhumane jail in an also-occupied territory of a Carribean country, without minimal legal assistance, totally denied communication, without a judicial order, not respecting even their most basic human rights, all this happening for all the world to see, while the cynical perpetrators of this action parade around the salons of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, attempting to accuse nations that irk them that supposedly they are the ones violating human rights? (sic, as far as possible), is he a terrorist?

A multimillionaire Muslim who,seeing his compatriots suffer so many humilitaions, so much pain, so much bitterness, so much indignity, tires of the war being suffered only on one side and decides to organize the most sophisticated operation known in history ( ! )so that the assassins of his people learn that the death of innocents is always indignating, is he a terrorist?"


Elízabeth said...

Well Rita, what can you expect from a woman that (vox populi) was the lover of HHH?

Bin Laden is a saint according to her... you know, it most be an up-side-down unethical world for them all -terroristas or chavistas-.


Abouna said...

What a disgusting distortion of the the truth.

How do people like that sleep at night?

Pam said...

Disgusting! But sounds like some of our Hollywood people, liberals, and main stream media folks here in the good ol' USA!

RitaE said...

The ignorance that possesses this
woman is truly pathetic! Or ... is it ignorance?

Caraqueña said...

I have never understood about Mari Pili... I guess what Liz says explains it somewhat!

Jackie said...

Let me answer her question..."Yes. He is."

Mizz E said...

What Pam said.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Demi Moore!